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Afenifere,Ohanaeze Tackle PDP BOT Chairman, Jibrin Over Call to Support Ruga

Apex Yoruba and Igbo socio-cultural organisations, Afenifere and Ohanaeze Ndigbo respectively have rejected a call from the Chairman Board of Trustees (BOT) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Walid Jibrin to support the federal government Ruga settlement programme.

Reacting to the comments by Jibrin, the National Publicity Secretary of Afenifere, Yinka Odumakin said the BOT chairman showed his allegiance to his Fulani ethnic group rather than to his party or nation.

He said, “It is very clear that the PDP, APC or whatever nomenclature you call it does not mean anything to the ethnic agenda. So, it is not a matter of the PDP or APC. It is an internal colonialist agenda and anybody that subscribes to that agenda based on ethnic affiliation does not care about his party. What the PDP BOT chair has shown is that when it is between his ethnic  affiliation, the party and the nation, he will take sides with his ethnic region.”

On his part, National Publicity Secretary of Ohanaeze, Uche Achi-okpaga said the South East has not said the programme is not good but maintained that the region does not have land for it.

“If they can pipe oil from the South to the North, they can as well pipe water from the South to the North” he said.

Jibrin,a leader of the Fulani in Nasarawa state, had on Tuesday while addressing journalists in his Nasarawa country home urged the Yorubas and IgboS to support the programme.

He said, “I am not in APC, I am a PDP chieftain. But when we talk of development and security, we should leave anything about politics, religion and tribe.

“Whoever is ruling in Nigeria, if he brings any programme that will do away with insecurity, killings and will take care of the welfare of the people, I will go by that. My politics is not a do or die and I play politics without bitterness.

“That is why I am and we Fulani commend the Federal Government for introducing the RUGA project in the country.

“I and our tribe (Fulani) had embraced the programme. RUGA project includes the provision of hospitals, schools, water supply and electricity, among other facilities, which will have a direct bearing on the lives of the herders.

“Apart from that, it will also tackle incessant farmers/herdsmen conflicts as well as boost food security in the country,” he said.

He added, “So, I am calling on the southerners, the Igbos, the Yorubas, among others, to embrace it, even though the project is not compulsory.

“The project will keep the herdsmen one, safe and will improve on their welfare as some states in the South East have already promised to donate land for the project.”


PDP Governors Say Nigeria Army Has Descended Into Criminality

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Governors Forum has blamed the Nigerian Military for the insecurity in the country.

The Forum in a statement issued by the chairman, the governor of Bayelsa state, Seriake Dickson on Monday condemned the killing of three policemen in Takum, Taraba state and a commercial motorcyclist in Abia state both last week by soldiers.

The statement said the Army has abandoned their constitutional responsibilities and descended into criminality.

The statement reads in part, “These killings have in recent times taken another gruesome dimension and this nonchalant attitude is not only wicked, malicious, unprofessional and cowardly; it is totally unacceptable to the people of this country.

“We wish to reiterate that the killings are unnecessary. It is very pathetic that the Nigerian Army would abandon their constitutional role of defending the borders of the country from external aggression to descend into such lowly criminality.

“It is sad that a security personnel, who is paid and maintained with tax-payers’ money, could turn around to kill the person he was paid to protect. The Forum calls on the federal government to redress the situation immediately, as this portrays signs of inefficiency and irresponsibility.

“We implore the federal government to adequately compensate the families of victims and ensure justice is served on the culprit”.

It would be recalled that a former Director of the Department of State Services (DSS), Mike Ejiofor earlier in May on Channels Television alleged that soldiers are behind kidnappings in the country.

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#RevolutionNow: APC Claims Atiku Instigated Sowore to Convene Protests

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has alleged that the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar instigated the publisher of Sahara Reporters and convener of #RevolutionNow, Omoyele Sowore to embark on the protests. 

In a statement issued on Thursday by its national publicity secretary, Mallam Lanre Isa-Onilu said Atiku is “the patron and cheerleader of the unpatriotic elements who would rather bring our country down for being rejected at the polls.”

The statement justified the arrests and detention of Sowore by the Department of State Services (DSS).

“The All Progressives Congress (APC) calls on Nigerians to reject the toxic messages and criminal antics of some individuals and partisans who have embarked on a campaign of calumny against the government and are calling for a forceful takeover of government. They are cowards and enemies of Nigeria.

“The recent arrest of Mr Omoyele Sowore by the Department of State Services (DSS) must be seen for what it is – a legal and timely action by our security services to protect our democracy and protect the country and its citizens against any action that threatens our collective peace and safety.

“Predictably, some desperate individuals, sore losers, and their sympathisers are acting in vain trying to pull a wool over the eyes of Nigerians. Of course, the disgruntled presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alh. Atiku Abubakar is expectedly the patron and cheerleader of the unpatriotic elements who would rather bring our country down for being rejected at the polls.

“The desperate attempt to politicise a legitimate action by the security agencies and futile effort to spread falsehood to create chaos in the country is clearly irresponsible actions. We call on Nigerians to look at the issue of Sowore’s arrest dispassionately devoid of the skewed narratives and sentiments being propagated by these individuals.”

The statement further argued that Sowore and those who emboldened him to call for a revolution have lost in a legitimate process to unseat a sitting government and were bent on destabilising the country.

“Sowore arrived in the country recently and openly threatened a revolution against a constitutionally recognised and legitimate government. Should the DSS and other security services have dismissed the declaration and the underlying implications as a non-issue? No intelligence/security agency worth its calling take issues like this with levity.

“From elections to governance and general conduct, President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration has demonstrated its adherence and defence of the rule of law over politics and sundry interests.

“Again, on the safety of Nigerians, the current government has been decisive in addressing any action that threatens the country’s unity, peace and our democracy. Sowore’s arrest is another testament to our unshaken resolve in this regard.

“The right to a civil protest is a given, however, it should not be construed to mean the same thing as a revolution to forcibly take over the government. This makes it necessary to put the act of a revolution in context, at least by the proclamation made by Sowore and his co-travellers. Revolution means to forcibly overthrow a government through rebellion, revolt, insurrection, mutiny, uprising, insurgency, coup.

“Nigeria is not a banana republic, we are a country with a democratically-elected government, governed by laws. Our laws are clear on Sowore’s actions. It is treason. No one should be allowed to get away with any attempt to destabilize this country.

“We must remind ourselves that the same Sowore who attempts to lead a revolution had a legal opportunity during the 2019 Presidential election as a candidate to sell his governance ideas, if any, to the electorate. He failed woefully in that attempt, coming a distant sixth with 33,953 votes compared to the winner, President Muhammadu Buhari, who polled over 15 million votes.

“Sowore and some of his co-losers have now resorted to an illegal and misguided plot to destabilise the country. Their plan is dead on arrival.

“We reiterate that our laws are clear on all criminalities and Nigerians expect that the enforcement of relevant laws should apply to every Nigerian, irrespective of class and status. This government would not be found wanting where it is required to take decisive actions.

“Finally, the effects of instability being championed by these cowards and enemies of Nigeria is disastrous. The same proponents of a forceful takeover will be the first to flee the country with their loved ones while the ordinary Nigerian suffers the disastrous consequences. Nigerians beware.”

PDP Slams Buhari, Says Nigeria Collapsing Under His Watch

Press Release 

The National Working Committee (NWC) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has reviewed the escalating insecurity, rising political uncertainties, biting economic hardship as well as prevailing tension in all parts of the country and alarms that the nation is collapsing under President Muhammadu Buhari and his All Progressives Congress (APC).
The PDP is deeply worried that our nation, which was a prosperity hub and a reference point for democracy, personal freedom and good governance, now has all the trappings of a failed state with government, under President Buhari, being unable to guarantee any of its fundamental duties to the extent that citizens are now desperate to take their destinies in their hands.
The national leadership of the party rose from a crucial meeting on Wednesday noting that the red flag has become urgent following the manifest total loss of faith by Nigerians, across the board, in the ability of the Buhari Presidency to provide a democratic leadership that can engender a peaceful and secure nation.
It is clear that the APC and the Buhari Presidency have held Nigerians hostage. Nigerians are now being treated like a conquered people. They can no longer freely exercise their constitutionally guaranteed rights; Executive high-handedness have become a state policy just as the APC Government, burdened by challenges of illegitimacy, has lost direction and only thriving in vindictiveness.
The PDP notes that due to the prevailing anti-democratic proclivities of the Buhari Presidency, our once cohesive and economically thriving nation has come under distress on all fronts; never in the history of our nation has our fault lines become so visible; uncertainty now envelopes our nation; citizens are nervous and agitated as ominous hopelessness sets in.
Our party has also noticed that since the defence of the APC and President Buhari collapsed at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal, the APC and its government have taken to harassment and repression of Nigerians by surreptitiously suspending constitutional provisions of freedom of speech and association in our country. 
Many compatriots are being taken in as political prisoners all in a bid to foist a siege mentality and suppress public opinion.
Today, the Buhari Presidency cannot guarantee the security and safety of citizens. Bloodletting and violence have become the order of the day. Invaders, insurgents, kidnappers and killers have taken over major highways and communities; our nation’s security machinery have become overstretched; Nigerians now live in palpable fear; they cannot freely travel within their country and the government has no answers.
On the economic front, President Buhari has ruined our economy and led our nation to become the world’s capital of poverty, while condoning the humongous corruption that has become the hallmark of his failed administration. 
Sadly, President Buhari’s anti-development policies, the corruption in his government as well as its failure to provide security have scared away foreign investors from our nation. 
Only recently, the United Nations declared that 43 percent of our nation’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has taken flight to other countries. Unemployment has gone out of proportion and there is no hope in sight.
Our worry is that the prevailing situation of hopelessness under President Buhari and the APC is threatening our national cohesion and corporate existence as a nation. 
The PDP, therefore, calls on all Nigerians of good faith as well as the international community to come to the rescue by speaking out against the prevailing situation in Nigeria before it is too late.
Also, the PDP urges Nigerians not to despair but to keep hope alive in their confidence towards the retrieval of Atiku Abubakar’s stolen presidential mandate at the tribunal.
Kola Ologbondiyan

National Publicity Secretary

Bauchi Assembly Crisis Ends as 16 factional Lawmakers Inaugurated at Night 

The crisis rocking the Bauchi state House of Assembly appears to be over as the Assembly finally inaugurated 16 factional lawmakers on Friday night.

The 16 lawmakers-elect led by a former speaker of the House, Kawuwa Damina took oath of office at a special session of the House that began at about 8:00pm and presided over by the Deputy Speaker, Danlami Ahmed Kawule.

The state’s governor, Bala Mohammed who witnessed the inauguration told newsmen that it was a victory for democracy and the people of the state. 

The Bauchi state House of Assembly was in June thrown into confusion and leadership crisis when elected Members held parallel inaugurations leading to the emergence of two factional Speakers.

While Abubakar Y Suleiman was elected by 13 Members with the Clerk presiding over the sitting on the floor of the Assembly complex on June 20th, the factional Speaker, Kawuwa Shehu Damina, was elected outside the Assembly complex by 18 Members under the symbol of a Mace.

The All Progressives Congress has 22 Members, the Peoples Democratic Party has 8 while the New Nigeria People’s Party has one.

Rubber Stamp Senate: Buhari Now Sleeps With His Two Eyes Closed – Omo-Agege

Deputy Senate President Ovie Omo-Agege, has boasted that with the Senate President, Ahmed Lawan and himself in charge of the upper chamber, President Muhammadu Buhari has nothing to worry about and can now go to sleep with his two eyes closed.

Omo-Agege who spoke on Thursday at his country home in Orogun, Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State when he received a mammoth crowd that came to receive him during his first visit to the state after his emergence as Deputy Senate President said he owe his new position to Buhari.

He said, “All I ask for; the biggest tribute you can ever pay to me is to say thank you to President Buhari.

“I have always told him that silver and gold I do not have, but what I have I will give to him.

“In my position and in my capacity as the Deputy Senate President, working with the Senate President, the least we owe Mr President is to create an enabling environment to ensure the content of the Next Level Agenda will be brought to reality.

“So that those days when they turned the Senate to a burial ground to anything Buhari, all of that is over now.

“And when he was being threatened with impeachment, they were even praying that he should die. All that is over now because he has Ahmed Lawan and your son as SP and DSP.

“Now Buhari sleeps with two eyes closed. But you guys first made it possible because if you did not send me as senator first, there’s not a chance to have me as DSP.

“So, we should say thank you to him”.

He urged the people to continue to pray for Buhari and APC but should not pray for PDP Governors. 

“I won’t let you down. I’ll fulfil all the promises. Continue to pray for me Buhari and APC governors.

“Don’t pray for PDP governors. We want to remove them o. Pray for all Deltans, but don’t pray for PDP governors because nobody knows tomorrow.

“‘Pray for all Deltans irrespective of political affiliations, but don’t pray for PDP governors,” he said amid laughter.

Secret Burial of Soliders: Atiku Expresses Shock, Calls for Probe

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in the 2019 general election, Atiku Abubakar has expressed shock over a report by Wall Street Journal about the secret burial of over one thousand soldiers killed in the war on terror. 

Atiku in a statement issued on Thursday called for a judicial inquiry to investigate the report of the US-based newspaper. 

The report published by Wall Street Journal on Wednesday gave an account of how the Nigerian Army hurriedly buried soldiers killed while fighting Boko Haram terrorists in the North Eastern part of the country.

See statement 

“On The Secret Burial of 1000 Soldiers Killed By Boko Haram/ISWAP: Nigerians Are Entitled to Know The Truth. 

“I read the report by the Wall Street Journal that over a thousand Nigerian soldiers have been secretly buried at night by the General Muhammadu Buhari led administration, in order to hide the true state of the war on terror, with a sense of heartbreak and shock. 

“Heartbreak for the families and friends of those soldiers who, if the report is true, have lost their loved ones, without being allowed to bury them or even to have any sense of closure as regards their fate.

“Shock, that such a thing could happen under a democracy, such as Nigeria is supposed to be. I shudder to think that the cover-up of such an event of epic proportions can be true.

“The men and women of our armed forces are our first, second and last defence against our domestic and foreign enemies and should be treated with love, respect, dignity and appreciation for the invaluable service they render to Nigeria. 

“I cannot fathom that in the space of a year, 1000 of these great patriots were killed and buried secretly without their families being told. I hesitate to believe that deceit on such a grand scale is even possible. 

“To ensure that we get to the bottom of this matter, I urge that a Judicial Commission of Inquiry headed by a non-partisan and reputable jurist, be inaugurated to investigate the findings of the Wall Street Journal. While this is occurring, I also strongly urge that a panel of inquiry comprising distinguished former military officers be set up to investigate and report to Nigerians the true state of the war on terror and what must be done to ensure Nigeria brings a speedy end to the ongoing insurgency.

“Nigeria must ensure prudent use of finances, so we can redistribute national resources in such a way that ensures that our military and security forces are well armed and well remunerated. 

“Even the death of one soldier affects me. But the alleged cover-up of the deaths of one thousand soldiers is a national emergency that should shock all statesmen and leaders of thoughts into action to save Nigeria.”