Nigerian Patriotism is a rare form of MADNESS!

There is no better way to describe it. I saw the most ironic sight on the train on my way into the city of London a few days ago. It was a black man in his 50’s, maybe 60’s fully kitted in a city of Westminster parking warden uniform. Just as I wondered where this…

Chibundu Onuzo 1991 in London

This is a must watch for those of you living in London. Let me describe it as what happens when nostalgia meets talent and comedy. Chibundu is one of the most talented and understated Nigerians acts I have witnessed. I saw this show last year and honestly I did not want it to end. I…

#WikiLeaks Founder Assange Arrested in London.

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange’s 7 year stint in the Ecuador Embassy in London has come to an end. Metropolitan Police have arrested him based on a 2002 magistrates order after the Ecuadorian embassy revoked his asylum earlier this week.

When UK Citizens Protested against Brexit (Video and Photos).

No one asked for £2 to protest. The turnout was massive, thousands turned up. The banners were creative and funny. The protesters were not miscreants but cut across all divides…old and young…rich and poor…Pensioners and working class. The police did not disrupt the protest…they made sure there was peace and orderliness.