Coronavirus: Doherty commends Donors, NMA, Health workers tasks other to sacrifice

The Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party in Lagos State, Adedeji Doherty during an inspection tour of the COVID 19 Isolation facility in Yaba on Monday the 23rd of March 2020 called on the CEOs of telecommunications service Providers and the banking institutions to live up to their civil responsibilities as major stake holders and beneficiaries of the economic prosperity in Lagos.

Doherty said this is the time for those in the various sectors who have continued to benefit from the patronage of the 20 million residents of Lagos State to give back to the society they have benefited from by giving a reduction on airtime rates, electricity bills including postponement of disconnection notices rates and finally the reduction of interest rates or outright suspension of banking charges for a period of at least 90days.

Doherty also took this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the good gesture of the CEO of GT Bank Mr Segun Agbaje who is building a temporary hospital at the Onikan stadium, Mrs Alakija a private individual who is also about to distribute a large number of surpport materials and a lot of other well meaning Nigerians who are working with various state governments to fight the Pandemic.

Doherty called on other CEOs, private companies both in Nigeria and abroad to come to the rescue of the Lagos state Government and the good people of Lagos State in the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic. He asked the Lagos State Governor to reciprocate their patriotic gestures as they deliver, by giving tax breaks to them and all other privately owned business at this point time to suppress the negative economic effects of the pandemic on various businesses.

Doherty said “It is quite obvious that Lagos State needs help to fight this surge and it needs it now before it gets too late.” He commended the State Government for the little they have done but asked that the Governor should step it up by visiting the isolation sites and making sure that the sites designated for the containment of the COVID 19 patients are fully operational before the State Lockdown Expires in a weeks time. He suggested that he should also take this opportunity to get a clear picture of the true state of affairs and communicate same to Lagosians. He specifically mentioned, the number of Beds, testing kits, protective gear and ventilators in the ICU units increased urgently.

Doherty also took the opportunity to thank the doctors and the Nigerian Medical Association for calling off their intended strike at this crucial time in the country.

Doherty commended the Federal Government for announcing the reduction on the pump price of PMS but requested that Government has not yet enforced the change so it has no dividend in the pockets of Nigerians.
He said “the Federal Government must not only talk but they should learn to walk their talk.”

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