Lagos PDP Chair Deji Doherty visits scene of pipeline explosion in Abule Ado

Lagos PDP Chairman Adedeji Doherty visited the site of the pipeline explosion in Abule Ado earlier today.

He was accompanied by Babatunde Gbadamosi and other PDP leaders and supporters. He said that he was indeed more appreciative of the level of destruction seeing it first hand and commiserated with victims and their families.

He commended the first responders who stepped into the gap to assist the injured and rescue those trapped prior to state officials arriving on the scene.

Doherty also recognised the effort of the state Governor Babajide Sanwoolu who visited the scene earlier and pledged assistance to the victims.

He however suggested that the focus must be on the rehabilitation and relocation of all affected. Doherty said that after suffering such devastating loss and trauma, the after care of the victims should be the priority of the state.

He asked other business leaders in the state, corporate bodies and Nigerians to rise to the occasion and support the victims with relief materials and other forms of support, promising that the PDP will also mobilise it’s members across the state and country to support the cause.

He also advised the state government to immediately setup a counselling team to attend to all victims who has endured a high level of trauma.

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