Ministry Pledges to Give N36m to Nigerian Scientist With Deadly Corona Virus Cure

The Federal Ministry of Science and Technology has pledged to give the sum of N36m to any Nigerian scientist that can find the cure for the deadly corona virus.

Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, the Minister for Science and Technology disclosed this in Abuja at a send forth party organised in honour of Director who recently retired from the Ministry.

” I am confident that our scientists have what it takes to find solution to our problems and make Nigeria be self reliant.  I have no doubt in my mind that they can do it.

“This is the only way  we can reposition  our nation to be self reliant: creating jobs,  fight poverty and create wealth for our people in line with President Buhari’s agenda.”

“We are doing our best to encourage them in this regard. I challenge them to go into research and find solution to Coronavirus so that the world will know that we have the best minds we can be proud of. On behalf of the Ministry, I am pledging the sum of N36million for any Nigerian scientist that finds solution to  Coronavirus.

“We will not go to bed or rest until solution is found to this disease,” Onu said.

The virus which emerged from the Chinese city of Wuhan last month now has more than 50,000 confirmed cases and 1,300 people have died from it worldwide.

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