Governor Zulum and the school teacher – Trick or Treat?


Borno Governor Prof Zulum was recently recorded in a video gifting a school teacher N100,000 because she was the only teacher in a school when he visited at 6:30am.

The fact that the woman is Igbo and from Abia state was also put forward as an issue to show he is detribalised. Yipee yeaaah.

What manner of fuckery is Nigeria cultivating?


  1. What time are teachers supposed to arrive in school?
  2. Why allow people to film you giving someone a gift and then put it on social media? Christianity says you give people quietly and I’m sure Islam says the same.
  3. She was also promoted to assistant headmistress. Is there no due process for this type of process?

Na so one guy dey pick paper for Lekki link bridge that year.

We are too easily impressed with shows.

I wish that we would instesd key into substance.


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