Angelique Kidjo v Burna Boy: Still on the Grammy Awards issue – Segun Sky Akinyemi


Angelique Kidjo is a world renowned artiste with a long list of successful albums.

This woman practically plays week in week in out “ at World Music festivals” on different stages at cities around the world.

She’s a huge international star with a lot following by both Africans and non Africans.

While I am not taking anything away from Burna boy, I accept that these present crop of Nigerian artistes are emerging and have no doubt made significant impact.

However, I am afraid their popularity is mainly amongst Nigerian/ African diaspora which is made of children born to immigrant parents and those living abroad whether as students or workers

If you do some research you ll realise that the world music stage is a different market entirely from the Afro fusion/ urban market.

Besides that, the Grammy organisers know too well that most of the latter day Nigerian acts are not really thoroughbred but opportunists using the Internet for leverage.

Most of them do not perform with live band and most times their sounds and stage displays do not truly reflect Africanism which is a vital ingredient in sustaining the world music audience.

It will be a huge injustice to ignore a seasoned artiste with more than twenty years recording career and a dedicated fan base of concert goers and handover the world’s most prestigious musical award to almost a newcomer on the world stage.

KSA, Femi Kuti ,Seun Kuti,Asa and Lagbaja are perhaps the only Nigerian artistes qualified to be referred to as World music stars.

The Wizkids, Davidos Tiwa savages of this world need to work much more harder to appeal to a wider market apart from their primary market which is Nigerian/African diaspora if they want to stamp their authority on the world music stage like how the likes Angelique Kidjo, Manu Dibango, Salif Keita, Yusuf Ndour, Oliver Mutqunzi, Femi Kuti, Lagbaja and KSA have successfully done.

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