Had PDP stood up for Jonathan the way Republicans are standing up for Trump, perhaps there would have been no Buhari today? – Ekewa Olu

Like trump the hate for GEJ was very real

He was that one president that the opposition demanded ( in clear terms) the utter ridiculous from, then blame him for doing the exact thing they asked him to do about a few seconds ago.

For example, they’d ask him to. Reduce pump price of petrol, they’d give so many reasons why he should do so..
Then as soon as he reduced it, they’d blame him for removing just ten naira, and doing it very late.

They would ask him to visit ground zero of the Boko Haram was, and when he does, they would share his pictures in militar fatigue and suggest he was drunk half the time.

They blamed him for the way he talks, and the woman he married.

Nothing GEJ did could ever be right

The only difference between gej and trump is that, trump. Simply doesn’t care, he is the version of GEJ that most of us wished the Bayless man had been…

He is the one that fights back, and fights as dirty as his opponents

Both the American nation and the Nigerian nation witnessed huge sigiicant progress under these men

Both men were and are facing the same enemy

While trump is presently battling the democrats of his country and doing so with everything he has at his disposal….. GEJ ( the Nigerian president) also faced the democrats of America, but he did so whilst they were in power and from a point of serious handicap.

The democrats are the vessel of evil, they have mastered their craft so well, hiding under the guise of liberalism. Yet even now most of their strong beliefs contradict themselves

For example, isn’t it dangerous to national security to ask a president to release recordings of his conversation with the president of another nation?

I am not a political science student, but isn’t that a matter of national security?

Should that president do so, don’t you think every other nations head will be careful after when discussing with him? And may never say what they want to, to him on the telephone ever again, because they know his nation can ask him to release such recordings and put both nations at risk? Still after a Lot of pressure, trump Had to release these recordings..

the question is, How do you explain the fact that they now blame him again for doing so Late?😄😅🤐😆🤕& obstruction of justice?

Okay let me use another example
how do you give money to terrorist nations, under the exuse of using those funds to help get them to the table… and expect these terror sponsoring nations not use it to fund terror?

Relate that to rehabilitation of terrorist In nigeria for a second and tell me if you see the resemblance?

The Dems know how to use the press for maximum effects

They know how to script their accusations, sweetened just right enough to make everyone forget what they are saying, asking and insisting on is beyond the ridiculous.

They fight dirty, read to plunge their nation into anarchy, don’t mind that they destroy every thing in the process, as long as they get power

They are never fair, Yet they turn around to ask for fairness when the table is turned.

Just like democrats have successfully labelled trump a racist, when nothing points to it, not even his utterances. They’ve done this, simply because he is doing what the American president should do, was elected to do.

Their Nigerian counterpart succeed in labelling Jonathan antinorth, even whilst the man spent more on the north than he ever did on any other region

They blamed GEJ for doing everything to end terror, made all manners of accusations against him

They blame Trump For same.. Infact you only need to Look at their reaction to the execution of soleimani to see I am right.

Trumps policy on immigration is about the same as many American president before him has had, perhaps a little tougher.. Basically because he is actually doing those things be said he would do to Protect his nation’s economy anD social standards .

However isn’t that what presidents are supposed to do? Why hate a man for asking you to enter his country legitimately?

Well, our own just threw our borders open, so you must understand who he role models after.

I don’t need to like Trump to see these things

that there are a whole lot of similarities between the American democrats and their Nigerian counterparts named APC..


it’s why I wonder why certain Nigerian republicans who. would die for their tribe hates Trump?

perhaps they are involved?

  • Ekewa Olu

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