PDP is APC’s biggest Obstacle to destroying Nigeria, PDP League of Democrats ‘Totals’ presidential spokesman Garba Shehu in press release.

PDP is APC’s biggest Obstacle not Nigeria’s, PDP League of Democrats replies Garba Shehu.

The PDP League of Democrats read with utter dismay and disbelief an article where presidential spokesman Garba Shehu accused the PDP of being Nigeria’s biggest obstacle to good governance.

We felt it necessary to react and point out the untruth and irony in Garba Shehu’s position. It is already an established fact that the level of hypocrisy in the APC is unparalleled and their audacity to spill lies, mind boggling.

Garba Shehu of all people who has worked most of his adult life for leaders in two political parties, should understand that a political party is merely a platform. He once served as spokesman for a PDP Vice President for 8 years and is now a spokesman for an APC president because his principal moved to APC in 2013 or thereabouts.

So is he saying that for 8 years, he knew the PDP was Nigeria’s biggest obstacle to good governance but he remained in office working with a PDP government? Is that not self-indictment?

If president Buhari crosses to the PDP today, is Garba Shehu telling Nigerians that he will resign?

Garba Shehu is telling Nigerians that a PDP government that grew the economy by around 14% in 2002 and made Nigeria’s economy the fastest growing in Africa is the obstacle to good governance. But an APC government that took us into recession twice and made Nigeria the poverty capital of the world is his better example of good governance? Mind boggling stuff. By the way the APC is currently growing our economy at slightly over 2%. It is simple Arithmetic really.

Is Garba Shehu telling us that a PDP government that obeyed court orders and respected the rule of law is an obstacle to good governance, while an APC government that invades the National assembly and courts with masked DSS officials, refuses to release citizens granted bail, some for as long as four years, invades judges residence in the middle of the night, disobeys court orders, murders defenseless protesting citizens on the streets, detains journalists and activists, hires protesters to physically attack agencies such as amnesty international and other NGO’s, removes the CJN without following due process is not an obstacle to good governance?

He accused the PDP of having nothing to offer to Nigeria but corruption, mis-governance and division.

Let us start with their favourite subject matter: CORRUPTION: Garba Shehu is the spokesman of a president who promised to declare his assets publicly if elected, but who has failed to do so despite taking oath of office as president twice. Garba Shehu is spokesman of a president whose Chief of Staff was accused of collecting a N500m bribe from MTN to reduce their fines, spokesman of a president whose SGF was accused of stealing N270m from funds meant for IDP’s. He speaks for a president who proudly and publicly supported Kano state governor Ganduje, who was caught on camera receiving around $5m in bribes. What about reinstating corrupt family members and friends like the NHIS boss who was reinstated despite being accused of stealing nearly N1bn?

Under this regime, $25b of contracts were awarded in the NNPC without due process, N4 trillion naira was unaccounted for in NNPC, and till today we still do not know the story behind the $43m #Ikoyigate loot discovery.

When we talk about APC’s record for good governance. Let us not forget that the punch newspaper made a historical pronouncement recently when it declared that it would now refer to President Buhari as Major General Buhari and refer to his government as Regime. What bigger indictment can there be for mis-governance?

Garba Shehu also talked about development.
In four and a half years, this presidency did not build a single school, hospital or road that it can point to. In the same period, the previous PDP administration, built Airports, Roads, The Abuja Trauma centre, gave out Grant’s for businesses under YouWin, Trained former militants to be pilots and underwater welders and ship builders, gave out scholarships to the brightest students and even built over 100 Almajiri schools in the north.

Under this administration, YouWin was renamed but everyone LOST! Nobody has received a kobo from the scheme. Businesses are failing, companies are downsizing, FDI is at its lowest levels. Nigeria’s debt is at an unprecedented level and yet this administration wants to access more loans when there is absolutely nothing to show for the loans they have already received and disbursed.
Our dear country is sinking.

Garba Shehu also talked about Division. The most divisive president in Nigeria’s history is Major General Buhari. Even before he took office, he made the infamous 97% and 5% statement in faraway USA. Major General Buhari has not only filled almost all the slots of head of security agencies with Northern Muslims, he is now replicating in the Ministries, Departments and Agencies. The records are there for Nigerians to see in flagrant disobedience of his oath and the principles of federal character. Do not take our word for it. Please verify yourselves.

We must also ask Garba Shehu to refrain from talking about the back to back losses the PDP suffered in the last two general elections. We remind him that his principal, Major General Buhari who is fond of boasting about his popularity REJECTED the amended Electoral act which would have ensured a FREE AND FAIR election and instead resorted to a FREE FOR ALL or WILD WILD WEST manipulation and terror spree where people were beaten and killed and driven away from polling units with all sorts of dangerous weapons to allow fictitious results to be written in APC’s favour.

Garba Shehu along with his boss and the APC will forever be remembered for the destruction of social values, for the annihilation of truth, justice and peace in Nigeria.

In fact, we say this without fear of contradiction that Nigerians can’t wait to see the back of them.

Signed PDPLoD

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