My Dear Leaders,
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow members of the Peoples Democratic Party In Lagos State.
I will like to take this opportunity once again to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

The Year 2019 was a year we all worked towards a common goal. That goal crystallized into the emergence of a new dawn in our party, where by vacant positions in the party structure from the state to the Local Government level were filled through a Democratic process and NOT a sharing formula.

This process midwifed the emergence of new State Exco members and my good self as Chairman of our great party .

This process was an internal State Exco affair and it was treated as such by the State, Zonal and National officers involved. It was not a Congress.

Having said this , I would like to reconfirm my total loyalty and commitment to the progress of our great party. My Assignment is to lead the party in the right direction and strengthen its structures while making sure that peace, love and unity reigns.

I am also assuring you that this present administration led by my good self have all resolved to work together as ONE.
This total commitment is one that I believe can not and will not be betrayed or negotiated by any of us IJN Amen.

Furthermore, the Newly inaugurated Exco members and those that have been on seat till now are gearing up for a fulfilled and productive 2020.

We did inaugurate a Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation Committee headed by the Vice Chairman of the East Senatorial District Mr A Benedict and their responsibility would be to complete the Dr. Abimbola Ogunkelu led reconciliation Committee work which have not or nearing completion at the various local governments throughout the state.We thank Dr Ogunkelu and his team for their good work and their determination to achieve a positive result during the trying period the reconciliation effort was going on.
I must say here that we have made reasonable progress in this direction with at least an 80% positive result mark.

Our next step would be to meet with all members of our structure down to the ward level and build all necessary structures that we see might strengthen our presence down to the Grassroot.

As we are working on our structures, we would be working on the creation of the standing committees that would be saddled with the responsibility of managing the various party programs across the state.

Our women and Youth wing which would be led obviously by our State/ LGA woman and Youth leaders would also visit our women and youths in the various Local Government and wards to introduce and bring in self- created programs to enable our women and youths have a sense of belonging.

It is our belief that the successful management of our party rest on the shoulder of all loyal members and not just the State Executive Committee.
While we work towards creating a stronger PDP, we’re also aware that we have some of our members that feel aggrieved for one reason or the other. This is understandable, but could also be resolved if managed well , If we all put our Love Loyalty and commitment to our party first-instead of our personal interests. I would take this opportunity again to plead, beg and most of all, appeal to these honorable members of our party to please give peace a chance while we all work in one accord to free the good people of Lagos State from the unproductive hands of the Ruling Party, the APC.

We all want a victorious Party and I believe we can achieve this when we are United rather than divided in Crisis.

For those of us that are already United, it is our job to bring others closer and plead with them rather than seeing them as enemies.
We must also resolve collectively to bring them into the fold of the Progressives rather than leave them to continue destroying what we are all trying to build.

My Fellow Party Members, it is time for us to elevate our political game, preaching peace rather than disrespecting and creating more enemies among our own domain.

To this end, a Disciplinary Committee would be inaugurated very soon and their responsibility would be to sanction individuals who go on social media or the courts to smear the name of our party. There would be zero tolerance towards those who practice anti party activities.
Party Supremacy would not be compromised at all levels.

This administration is resolute in making sure that all members are given a fair hearing on whatever grievances that might come up and we should be aware that all party mechanisms must be exhausted before resolving to the judicial institution- especially when it involves party constitutional processes.

Having said this, I would appeal to all members who have their grievances presented to the courts to please withdraw their cases as it only acts as a distraction to all involved and the larger family. I pray you take this extension of our hand of peace as a virtue of good leadership rather than leadership weakness in any form .

On this note, I would like to thank all our Leaders and members who have been steadfast in bringing about this new breath of fresh air in our party and pray that it will be a long lasting one In Jesus name Amen!

Finally, I would ask that we all roll up our sleeves and start the mass mobilization into the party at our various communities, zones and wards. We need a massive influx of new members into our party noting that no one will do the mobilization-for us!

We must do it ourselves, and it must be done with passion and Love for the party. Court cases only acts as a deterrent to new incoming members and this only hurts us collectively.
Thank you and God Bless!
God Bless The PDP,
God Bless Lagos State,
God Bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Engr. Adedeji Doherty
PDP Lagos State.

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