Lagos PDP Chairman Deji Doherty carpets Lagos APC Chairman Tunde Balogun, says APC is living on ‘rigged’ glory.

The State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party in Lagos State Engr Adedeji Doherty has reacted to the statement accredited to the Chairman of the Ruling Party in Lagos State the APC .

In a Statement released to journalist at the 8th Day Fidaul Prayers of one of the Senior Members of the PDP In Badagry, Doherty said that “Chief Tunde Balogun is definitely not in touch with the realities of today”

He should recall the very narrow results of the 2019 Presidential Elections and should be battle ready in 2023 . Doherty Said : Let the APC continue to enjoy the spoils of their 20 years of rigged elections in Lagos , but I am sure it will all come to an end very soon , he also said ‘ Lagos state is yearning for Change and Change must come’ we have endured 20 years of degradation whereby the state debt has hit the roof of over 2 trillion Naira and still climbing, our industries have collapsed, unemployment is astronomical, Education is nonexistent, Health is not affordable and it is behind in terms of equipment and staffing, Roads have turned to death traps with pot holes and traffic congestion spread all over the state, abandoned projects litter the whole state i.e Eko Atlantic City, The ever uncompleted light rail project, Alade Market etc, There are no libraries or Recreational centers for children nor do we have a good Modernized stadium or sports centers built over the past 20 years.

Doherty reiterated that the APC had always won elections in Lagos because PDP was never ready to contest an election in the state. Doherty said “Look at the various health epidemics resulting from the dump sites all over the state, this dehumanizing policy that allows the LAWMA dump refuse on bare land around dwelling houses is disgusting and unpatriotic to the good people of Lagos State, furthermore, Doherty said “A Political party which can’t sort out a traffic congestion along the Apapa Axis and the Badagry corridor and the wanton contractual corruption going on in the state wants to continue running the state ‘God Forbid!

Doherty said “I am a Lagosian by birth and I know that PDP is getting ready for the battle of a life time come 2023.

Furthermore, Doherty said as at 2015 we had 6 members in the National Assembly and about 6 members in the House of assembly, but because we were not ready in 2019 we lost our seats in the National Assembly to 3 and our members in the House of Assembly were intimidated into crossing to the APC .

I can assure you that the 2023 Elections will not be business as usual for the APC and its collaborators” It is time for APC to show the People of Lagos State why they should be allowed to continue running the state- especially now when things have gotten this bad.

I will advice Chief Balogun to get ready to present the APCs Score Card on the State of things in the Lagos- especially Infrastructural and financial as Lagosians have seen that they have been taken for a ride all this while.

Finally, Doherty said, “To all Our Former members who for one reason or the other left the PDP to other parties and to all APC members who believe in true Democracy, the Rule of Law and Good Sustainable Governance , I would like to ask you to all come back home, where you will be recognized and grow at your own pace rather than progress at a pace set by a few individuals. “A New Dawn has finally set its base in the PDP Lagos State” he said.

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