Despite Worsening Security Situation in Nigeria, Tinubu Claims Buhari has Made the Country Safer


A former governor of Lagos state, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has said President Muhammadu Buhari has made the country safer by degrading the capacity of terrorists and other criminals. This came amidst worsening security situation across the country.

Tinubu in a statement issued on Tuesday by his Media Adviser, Tunde Rahman to commemorate Buhari’s 77th birthday said the president has done much for the country by placing the nation on a path to better future.

“Joining the rest of the country, I extend my best wishes to President Muhammadu Buhari on his birthday. This special day gives us an opportunity to personally thank you for the contributions you have made to the development of our nation.

“You have exhibited that rare combination of a simple and modest lifestyle, coupled with an ambitious and grand vision for our nation. As president, you have done much to correct our national direction and to place us on the pathway to our better future.

“Your administration has been one of momentous achievement and the realization of hope and progress for our country and our party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).

“You have made Nigeria safer by making the violent terrorists and wrongdoers so much weaker that they will ultimately fall due to your efforts protecting our national security.

“Your fight against corruption has been historic and it has reflected your great personal honesty. In reviving our economy, you continue to take initiatives that draw on the immense talent and creativity of our people.

“You are truly the president for this moment in our national journey. You have our full support. As the leader of our party, you have shown great statesmanship by taking action and giving counsel that strengthens  APC and its pursuit of greater internal democracy and openness.

“By expressing your desire that the party continues to be strong and vibrant even after your tenure, you have demonstrated your commitment to an enduring political legacy to buttress the patriotic legacy of your years of governance as president of our beloved republic.

“As usual, you have shown rare bravery and exemplary resilience in all you do. Your hand is on the plough and we know you will continue to press on. Be assured, the people of this nation are with you as you are for them.

“I wish you, Mr. President, so many more years of good health and fine achievement. Happy birthday Mr. President” the statement said.

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