NFF Tackles Super Eagles’ Coach, Rohr For Demanding Payment of Owed Bonuses and Allowances


The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), has said the Super Eagles Technical Adviser, Gernot Rohr has caused it reputational damage with his recent demand for the payment of his bonuses and allowances.

The Technical Director of the NFF, Bitrus Bewarang who spoke on Wednesday on behalf of the football body said the decision of Rohr to go public on the matter was in breach of code of code for coaches which bars them from divulging information to the media and public.

“We appreciate the work that Mr. Rohr has been doing with the Super Eagles in the past 40 months, his recent penchant for breaching provisions of the contract he signed with the NFF and the Code of Conduct for coaches is not good for the relationship.


“The NFF wishes that Mr. Rohr continues in the job because of the team he is building for Nigeria which looks promising and has earned some good results since he took charge, but he cannot continue to nonchalantly cause the NFF as a body, and Nigeria as a nation, reputational damage through his utterances and actions,” Bewarang said.

“Coaches must not by their actions or inaction cause NFF or the Federal Government of Nigeria any harm, reputational damage or embarrassment, nor do anything directly or indirectly to undermine their contract with the NFF.”


“In addition, Clause E of the same code says that coaches must not misrepresent the NFF or distort information to the media. They are precluded from imparting unauthorized information to the media.”


Speaking further, Bewarang quoting Clause 11.2.5 Code I’d Conduct said ,“the coach shall refrain from talking to the press on matters outside his terms of employment i.e he can only talk to the press on technical matters about the Super Eagles. He cannot talk to the media about any confidential subjects or issues other than technical matters only relating to the team and the development or state of Nigerian football, technically.”

“As at today, the only money that the NFF is owing Mr. Rohr is the differential in his new contract (about $30,000) which our financial advisors have to align and interface with AITEO before payment (as the improved contract came into effect in the last half of the year), and which process was concluded on Friday last week. He will soon be paid.

“We did not pay any bonus for the 2021 AFCON qualifying matches against Benin Republic and Lesotho because we are in the process of negotiating with the players on a new template of bonus payments based on performance after qualification for championships. This is still being discussed.”


Rohr had disclosed that he had engaged the services of a French lawyer to help him get his owed bonuses and allowances totaling $100,000 from the NFF. He said he is keen to get his contract sorted out before it expires in June 2020.

“I am surprised that the federation is taking their time to conclude a contract. I am also surprised that when I was given a contract extension, it was extended until July 2020, which is right in the middle of qualifiers for the 2021 AFCON. That is not normal and it is only the federation that can explain the reason for this.

“While I have had a good time with my players and staff over the last three years, I have to say that relations with the administration have not been very easy; especially when it comes to the payment of my wages, the bonuses and allowances of my players and staff.

“There needs to be a lot more respect in this regard. I preferred to get Jean-Jacques involved because it got to a stage that I didn’t want to be speaking to the federation about money all the time. It got tiring. I wanted to take my mind away from money and simply focus on my job and let him deal with the issues off the field” Rohr told a football magazine.

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