Senate Delays Passage of 2020 Budget


The Nigerian Senate on Tuesday delayed the passage of the 2020 budget by one week.

The Senate had earlier assured that it would pass the budget on November 28.

The Senate’s Committee Chairman on Appropriation, Senator Barau Jibrin at Tuesday’s plenary requested for additional week to complete work on the budget.

“Mr President, the stage we are right now is where we have done everything in respect to the process. What remains now is to cross check and make sure there is no mistake. Crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s.

“Thereafter, we no go to print because we want to submit the report in details. And what remain now will take us up to Sunday next week so by Monday we should be able to have clean report, clean details, and everything and then we lay the report on Tuesday next week. Its good that we inform this august senate so that you know where we are and what we are doing,” Jibrin said.

In his reaction, the president of the Senate, Ahmed Lawan granted Jibrin the additional one week he requested.

“I will give you an additional week, but that is unfailingly, Tuesday next week that is December 3, 2019 and by the grace of God you should be able to lay it here” he said.

The budget according to the Senate timetable was earlier scheduled to be laid today for final consideration.

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