There’s Anarchy in Edo State, Pro-Oshiomhole Lawmakers Cry Out, Call on Buhari to Intervene


14 Edo lawmakers-elect loyal to the camp of the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole have called on President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene in the crisis rocking the Edo state House of Assembly and the Party in the state.

The lawmakers who spoke through their spokesman, Washington Osa Usifo, the member-elect representing Uhunmwode state constituency said the president’s intervention has become necessary to halt what they described as anarchy brought on the state by the governor, Godwin Obaseki through his undemocratic actions.

“Corruption comes in many ways because when you brazenly stand on the head of democracy, that is the greatest form of corruption because it opens the window for people to do the wrong thing, just as it is in Edo where funds are wrongly deployed to fighting a cause that is needless just to realize a second term ambition.

“We want to call on him and also to remind him that this party promised change to the people. We came on the mantra of change and so in all that we do, we must have the consciousness that people are watching. How can it be said that an APC state is embarrassing the nation like this? It is not the intention of Mr President to run a government like this”, Usifo said.

“Obaseki, the governor of Edo state has done manifest injustice to democracy. Obaseki has orchestrated something that is bringing actions that are alien to the people. We can imagine how the whole nation sees Edo. Today, everyone sees Edo state through the eyes of its head as if that is who we are. We are sorry, we apologise because that is not who we are.

“What is happening today is the quest for ambition that has been taken too far. In the words of Mr President, they have crossed the red line, but crossing the red line is one thing to say but not doing anything to stop or stem that tide is even more dangerous than crossing the red line.

“They have done manifest injustice and untold harm on members of the APC, the same party that we all belong to. By the instruction of Mr Governor, he has given such mandate to the 18 local government Chairmen to do bodily harm to anyone who has opposing views towards his ambition. What is the definition of anarchy? If you need that definition, just go to Edo state as it is today and you will not need a further definition. That is anarchy in practice.

“For us, on behalf of the Edo people, we can summarize it this way, that Obaseki is guilty of maladministration as a Governor, insubordination as a party member”, he added.

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