Obaseki’s ex-Aide Flays Edo Government Over Poor Handling of Fire Incidents, Say Governor More Interested in Purchasing Demolition Trucks than Firefighting Trucks


John Mayaki, a former aide to Edo state Governor, Godwin Obaseki has lampooned the administration over its poor handling of a recent fire incidents in the state.

Mayaki, the erstwhile Chief Press Secretary to the Governor said his incompetence led to destruction of properties worth millions of Naira in the state. In a statement he issued on Monday in Abuja, he said rather than acquire modern fire fighting vehicles, the governor is more interested in purchasing demolition trucks to demolish properties of his political opponents.

See statement

“Governor Obaseki has all the time in the world to attend political events and dispatch destructive agencies to destroy the homes and properties of his political opponents in the state, but one week after yet another devastating fire incident in the state, the governor has been sitting on his hands, showing no signs of seriousness in helping the victims to rebuild their lives or putting in place effective measures to help avert another disaster.

“It should be noted that the Santana market fire is one too many since Governor Obaseki took office. The economy of the state has been shaken to its core by these avoidable disasters that razed shops and wiped out millions of investments at the Uwelu Spare Parts Market, Phil Hallmark Shopping mall, PZ Market in Ikpoba-Okha LGA, Evbotubu Market in Egor Local Government and many others.

“What all of these fire incidents have in common is the non-appearance of the Edo State fire service, even after repeated distress calls from hapless victims.

“On one of such occasions, the residents had to arrange for a fire-fighting truck all the way from Delta State to combat a raging fire in Edo State because our fire service, as confirmed by a member of the Obaseki administration, lacks modern equipment to function and is sometimes hindered by things as mundane as fuel to respond to emergencies.

“It is therefore not an overreach to accuse the governor and his incompetence as both directly responsible for the incessant fire outbreaks and devastating destruction of livelihoods.

“Since the beginning of his administration, he has been making promises and setting up committees after committees to supposedly investigate fire outbreaks and come up with preventive measures.

“However, these committees and their investigations have ended up like his popular MoUs as empty charades and ineffectual paperwork.

“What we have today in Edo State is a governor who has refused to purchase a single fire-fighting equipment for the state’s agency despite a consistent outbreak of fires, but is more than eager to dedicate millions to the purchase of demolition trucks for the destruction of his opponent’s properties in the state.”

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