It’s the Most Bizarre Thing that I have Heard in My Life, Chairman of Kogi Panel Expresses Shock at Deputy Governor’s Impeachment


The chairman of the investigative panel set up to investigate allegations of gross misconduct against the impeached deputy governor of Kogi state,John Baiyeshea has expressed his shock at the last week’s impeachment of Simon Achuba by the members of the state’s House of Assembly.

Baiyeshea said his panel could not prove the allegations against Achuba and did not expect the lawmakers to initiate impeachment proceedings against him.

“This is the most bizarre thing that I have ever heard in my life; we submitted the report to the speaker around 1pm and I left Lokoja for Abuja. I was at Gwagwalada area when one of the panel’s members who had not left Lokoja called to tell me that he watched it on television that the deputy governor had been impeached.

“As far as the report that we submitted to the House of Assembly is concerned, the committee returned the decision that all the allegations were not proved. What the constitution says in Section 188(8) is that, ‘once the panel returns a verdict like that. No further proceedings can be taken on it.

“That is it. It is only when the panel returns a verdict that allegations have been proved (to be true) that they can go ahead within 40 days. When did the House sit? We delivered the documents and the House was not even in session at that time” he said.

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