Fulani Herdsmen Kick Against Bill to Ban Open Grazing in Oyo


Associations of Fulani Herdsmen has kicked against the bill for a law to ban open grazing in Oyo state.

A leader of one of the associations, Alhaji Sale Bayari, the National Chairman of Gan Allah Fulani Development Association of Nigeria (GAFDAN), who presented the position of the herdsmen on Wednesday at the public hearing of the bill said the bill was designed to punish poor Herdsmen in the state. He said herdsmen cannot afford to lease a plot of land for ranching.

He said, “the maximum average total value of of 50 cows at N150, 000 each is N7.5 million only.

“From our calculations, one cow will eat grass, drink water, drugs and other maintenance costs to the tune of N1, 500 a day.”

Speaking further, Bayari said, “despite Benue state being a northern state, it has been a very bad brother and neighbor of the Fulani herdsmen. Ironically, it is Oyo state among Yoruba state that have been and remained our truly home as Nigerians due to the wonderful warm and receptive nature of the great descendants of Oduduwa that the Fulani herdsmen have come to see and accept as their beloved great grandfather too due to accommodating spirit, nature and character of the people of the Southwest.

“We shall continue to be law abiding citizens of this state and here undertake to ensure that we fish out all the bad elements among us that are distorting the peace and tranquility of Oyo State.”

The representative of the Farmers Association, Chief Azeez Maboreje lauded the lawmakers for the bill. He told the House to pass the bill adding that it’ll safeguard farming practice and investments of the people as those who engage in open grazing will face the wrath of the law.

The Bill is a private Members Bill, sponsored by the Rt Honorable Speaker, the Deputy Speaker, Majority Leader and Minority Leader of the House. The Bill was introduced on the floor of the House on Thursday, 25th July, 2019 and passed through the 2nd reading, in view of the Bill, it was unanimously resolved that the House should hold a Public Hearing to receive inputs from the Stakeholders.

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