Isenah Speaks on Impeachment


Tonye Isenah, Speaker of Bayelsa House of Assembly has dismissed the report of his impeachment.

He insisted that he remained the speaker of the assembly on Monday in Yenagoa.

The plenay on Monday witnessed gunshots at the Bayelsa House of Assembly by some youths that stormed the assembly complex in Yenagoa.

Isenah, however,  adjourned the session indefinitely for the house to proceed on recesss.

The members who sat back reportedly resumed sitting and allegedly impeached the speaker in absentia and without the mace.

A lawmaker said that there was tension around the assembly complex in the build-up to the sitting where the speaker was expected to resign on Monday.

The assemblyman also said that the leadership of Peoples Democratic Party had advised Isenah to resign, pleading anonymity.

But Isenah insisted  that his resignation was premature and could only happen after the election.

”I did not resign, neither was I impeached, I presided over the house and I did not preside as an impeached speaker, so as we speak the house is on recess and anything done by anyone is a nullity.

”The speculation that there was an understanding that I will resign is false, I challenge anyone canvassing that position to come up with a proof, .” Isenah said by telephone (NAN)


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