PDP Flays Tinubu for Calling Lagos Youths Lazy, Challenges Her to Show Evidence of Employment Opportunities Offered Which were Refused


The Lagos State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) has challenged the Senator representing Lagos Central Senatorial District, Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu to provide evidence of any reasonable employment opportunities she offered youths in the state which were refused.

The party in a statement issued on Sunday by its publicity secretary, Taofik Gani while reacting to comments credited to the wife of the former state governor, Bola Tinubu where she accused youths in the state of being lazy and always begging for free money during an interview on TVC, condemned the categorisation of youths in the state by the Senator and called on her to apologise on the floor of the Senate within seven days.

“Such comments and description are not only untrue but also deliberately said in bad faith to cover up for the ‘social contract’ the senator entered into with some APC youths in her desperate bid to win a reelection into the Senate in the last general elections. The PDP opines that these youths now referred to as ‘Lazy Lagos youths’ were actually mobilised by the Senator; their votes bought over with many not yet paid; promised post election largesse which are now unfulfilled. These are the usual august visitors in the home of the Tinubus and they know this truth for fact. We remind Lagosians of the viral video during the last elections where many voters, including a disabled voter, were tasked by Senator Oluremi Tinubu to show their hands and get paid for voting” Gani said.

“We wonder why up till now she has neither been arrested nor disqualified for vote trading,” the statement said.

Challenging Tinubu to show evidence of opportunities offered the youths, the statement said further, “Assuming Lagos youths are lazy, the Senator who has been representing Lagos Central senatorial district since 2011 is challenged to show any real manner of employment offered Lagos youths which are refused.”

“As a party with many youths in our fold, we condemn the generalistion and declare that Lagos youths are indeed hardworking and ready to work, but all work opportunities stand elusive in the state. We admonish Lagos youths to always vote the right persons irrespective of party sentiments,” the PDP said.

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