Osinbajo Versus Cabals: It is not Our Business – Senate


The Senate has said the alleged power play between Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and some cabals in the presidency is none of its business.

The Senate’s Committee Chairman on Media and Public Affairs, Adedayo Adeyeye stated this on Tuesday when he addressed newsmen.

“The Senate is not involved with that and we are not concerned about what happens in the Executive or things that are happening within the Executive.

“I speak for the Senate. I do not speak for the Executive and I do not want to concern myself with the issue of the Vice President or the Executive, it is not our business, That is the executive arm of government and we do not interfere. Why do we have to do that?

“It is not our concern, why do you want to drag me into something that does not really concern me and that does not concern the Senate?

“So, we are not bordered about that and we are not concerned. I am not aware of any role constitutionally assigned to the Vice President has been taken away from him. Nothing like that has happened.

“Constitutionally assigned duties remain the same. Get it right, the President has the prerogative to assign duties to all those who work with him in the executive. He has the constitutional power, he can call the Minister of Works and say, okay tomorrow, go to Finance, go to Labour. The Senate will not inquire into that because that is his duties.

“He can say my vice-president I give you these additional responsibilities where is the power of the Senate to investigate that! So we are not bothered about that and we are not concerned.

“I want to tell you that at this moment we are not investigating it” Adeyeye said.

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