Osinbajo: Yoruba Are Now Like Slaves, Akintoye, Yoruba Leader Laments

Yoruba leader, Prof. Banji Akintoye has said the Yorubas have been reduced to the status of slaves in the country because of the humiliation Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is facing in the hands of the cabals in the presidency.

Akintoye who stated this on Monday in Ibadan when he fielded questions from journalists after the event to mark the 126th anniversary of the Kiriji War, said the Yorubas must dig themselves out of the situation.

“There can not be a smoke without fire, although we don’t know where the fire is but we can see the smoke all around.”

“The Yorubas are in a terrible situation in Nigeria because all the travail Osinbajo is going through shows that we Yoruba are now like slaves in this country. So we need to dig ourselves out of it” Akintoye said.

“We have been hearing a lot of negative things about the Vice President in the presidency, but the important thing is for us to find out exactly what is happening.”

“All we are hearing is just like a smoke, but we don’t know where the fire came from. So whatever that might be happening to him now demonstrates that whoever is not part of the people who control the Federal Government of Nigeria is only allowed in the Federal Government on surveillance, so, the person can be kicked out whenever they like.”

“There are people among those controlling the Federal Government of Nigeria who have a lot of heavy questions to answer but they are protected by the powers that be.”

The event, with the theme, “Yoruba: Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow,” chaired by renowned historian, Prof. Bolanle Awe was to commemorate the Kiriji War that engulfed the Yoruba land between 1877 to 1893. Akintoye delivered the keynote address.


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