2019 Election the Worst in Nigeria’s History, Sheikh Gumi Laments, Blames Southern Politicians For Emergence Of ‘Incompetent’ Buhari


Kaduna-based Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, has described the 2019 general election as the worst election ever in the history of Nigeria.

Gumi stated this in Kaduna on Thursday when he received the President and Founder of Evangelical Bible Outreach Ministries International, Prophet Isah El-Buba, who paid him a courtesy visit.

The clergy said credible elections is the panacea for Nigeria’s myriad of problems adding that the current crop on Nigerian politicians are intellectually deficient to move the country forward.

He blamed Southern politicians, whom he said supported the incompetent president Muhammadu Buhari to emerge president in 2015 and 2019 due to their selfish interests.

“We are having the same vision about getting the right purposeful leadership that is focused and all-embracing like a hawk which protects all its children. This is the type of leadership we need.

“Nigeria is now seriously divided along all interests. Class struggle is now the major factor that keeps polarising Nigerians. Now, what has brought the division is abject poverty. The poor and the downtrodden are now angry. All the crimes we have now came as a result of poverty.

“The politicians are a necessary evil; a lot of them are not educated. The crop of political leaders is not educated to handle the problem we have in Nigeria today. The idea is very important and not what we see today. There is no point looking at who is doing what but the idea.

“Jonathan and Buhari are not good for Nigeria. When we told Jonathan to do something, he was looking at us from the  Muslim perspective. People are dying. Kidnapping is the worst thing. I lost a daughter a few months back from this kind of kidnapping. After attaining a position, all they (politicians) think is how to get contract and jet out of the country.

“I will support you to move around the country because we still have good people all over the country. I’m ready to go with you. But, don’t forget to carry them along. You have to tell them. The last election was the most painful election I have ever seen in Nigeria. In 2015, we realised we were handicapped because Nigerians were ignorant. I expected 2019 to be clean, but, it is the worst election I have seen in Nigeria.

“You can imagine, a government that is fighting corruption saw a governor from the North stalking dollars into his pockets and kept quiet. What example is the North showing? Nigeria needs a new page -people who will unite us. The surest way to move Nigeria forward is through free, fair and credible elections,” Gumi said.

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