On Seun Onigbinde’s appointment and resignation and all the drama.


For the sake of posterity and the next generation:

I am really baffled by reactions to this Seun’s appointment and resignation. I try as much as possible not to get personal with issues but this one is quite irritating.

Because I have many young readers I try hard not to be silent on these issues as I believe this is exactly why we were where we where (apologies to Osunbade) today.

Some people say his resignation is a show of INTEGRITY. Again that careless use of the word that sunk us deep into this Abyss rears its ugly face again.

INTEGRITY IS 100%. There is no off day for integrity. I will come back to this.

Then there are others who say Nigeria has lost big.

Let me address these issues one by one.

No one who has INTEGRITY will accept to serve in this govt in 2019. He may have mistakenly agreed in 2015 before we all saw what CHANGE really meant. But not in 2019.

In addition anyone who gets a govt appointment, and immediately attempts to bury their past is a deceitful person. It means that person is likely to become a hailer and chronic liar once he resumes.

Thirdly, this man came back from his sudden disappearance on social and LIED that he ran out of airtime abi na data. Another LIE. Is this INTEGRITY?

Fourthly this guy was busy wallowing in pride at how some people were beefing him while some were sending him CV’s. The hiree was already forming hirer. O ma se ooo.

Newspapers reported his account was deactivated. In fact I recall seeing tweets: what happened to Seun’s account all over Twitter the night before. Again how is this INTEGRITY?

Now onto the second issue of his resignation being a loss to Nigeria. Again I am totally baffled…

Last i checked he was going to be a Technical Assistant to the minister of state whose name i cant even remember. The minister of state is more or less like a deputy governor of a state and worse still under this administration.

This minister of state is a southerner…his minister is a northerner. We are in a herdsmen regime. We know who holds sway. He will do as she says in order to keep his job.

Will his boss the minister of state have a say in the affairs of his ministry talk less his ordinary TA? Ask those who have done this job before him perhaps in other ministries.

Also what expertise does this guy have that he is going to use to solve our budget issues. Is he going to stop the padding? What does he actually bring to the table?

Yes I know he has BudgIT…that app that analyses budgets etc etc…so?

We have forgotten that we have had people way more brilliant than him at the helm as ministers. From Chief Olu Falae to Kalu Idika Kalu to Charles Soludo to Ngozi Okonjo Iweala. They were absolutely brilliant and they were all ministers. Not TA’s. This is not to say there were no brilliant TA’s in the back making things happen…but you cant add value where it is not wanted.

Finally what is so special about this guy. I think Ettu Mohammed is an absolute genius with numbers. But what Nigeria lacks is not people who will tell us what is wrong. But people who can tell us how to correct these wrongs.

We also must take into cognisance the importance of the people hiring you actually wanting you to make things happen rather than hiring you to shut you up.

It came to my attention last night that this appointment just like the one with the journalist that SP Lawan wanted to hire will come to an abrupt end and that his fellow hailers had screen munches of all his tweets and posts against the govt and even some against the minister sent to the powers that be.

Let me finish by saying that Seun may be good at what he does but I dont know who his equivalent is in Europe or America. It may be a case of the one eyed king in the country of the blind. What is he bringing that is so unique. Is he not just reinventing the wheel? Analysing a budget that has passed through analysis in the MOF and NASS. He is more like a whistleblower. No? How does he fit into the govt?

So maybe someone can cure my ignorance by telling me what EXACTLY he would have brought to the table in the finance ministry.

I rise!

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