Wike Explains Reason for Delay in Constituting Cabinet


Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike has given reason while he is yet to constitute his cabinet more than three months after he was inaugurated for a second term in office.

Wike who spoke on Monday when he received the report of the Committee for Accreditation and Approval of Private Schools in Rivers State at the Government House, Port Harcourt said he is taking his time to identify passionate people who will work for the state.

“I have not formed my cabinet because I am taking my time to monitor and look at people who would work with passion for Rivers State.

“Politics is involved, but you must be ready to work for the state. That is why there is a delay in the formation of the cabinet. No matter the criticism, I will do what is right.

“We must work to move Rivers State forward. In doing that, we must step on toes. We can’t allow the state to be the way it is.

“I believe with the calibre of persons who served in the committee, you have done a good job. I have confidence in the committee”, the governor said.

On the reason he constituted the committee, he said “People have unnecessarily commercialised education. They have become traders in the field of education. We will not allow that to continue.

“All those schools that you have denied accreditation, even the ones you have approved, I will look at them again. But specifically, the ones you have denied. They will not function in this state.”


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