Police Killed 12 of Our Members on Tuesday During Ashura Procession, Shi’ites Allege


The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) popularly known as the Shi’ites has alleged that 12 of its members were killed on Tuesday by the police in five states during the Ashura procession.

The president of the IMN Media forum, Ibrahim Musa in a statement on Tuesday said the five states where its members were killed are Kaduna, Bauchi, Gombe, Sokoto and Katsina States.

The statement said, “At least three people were confirmed killed by the police in Kaduna and 10 others injured, some fatally, when thousands of Muslim brothers and sisters trooped out in the early hours of Tuesday commemorating the tragic events of Ashura.

“In Bauchi, reports also have it that three persons were killed during the Ashura procession when the police attacked the mourners.

“Likewise, three others were killed by the police in Azare, also in Bauchi state. Another three persons were killed by the police in Gombe, Gombe State,” the statement said.

Musa accused the Police of indiscriminately shooting at some of the mourners in Katsina. He also alleged that the assault inflicted bullet injuries on several mourners while one person was killed in Malumfashi.

“That the mourning procession ended peacefully in places not attacked by the police is sufficient evidence as to who the instigators of violence are whenever we are carrying out our legitimate religious duties.”


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