A Man’s Truck Was Stolen While He was Robbing a Store – Police


A Washington man who reported his truck as stolen was arrested after police determined he was robbing a store when the vehicle was taken.

William Kelley, 42, told police he’d left his red 1992 Chevy pickup truck in a parking lot after a night out a tavern, according to a release from the Kennewick Police Department. When he returned to pick it up early Sunday, he said, he left the keys on the seat and went to find a bathroom.

Surveillance footage of the area obtained by police shows a man on a bicycle ride by and spot the keys. The thief can then be seen tossing his bike in the back and fleeing the scene.

Kelley called police to report the theft, but because he had a prior warrant for his arrest, he was booked. 

“And then the story got real interesting,” police said.

Upon closer inspection of video from the tavern, police discovered that Kelley had driven to the location that morning, then went into a business across the street to steal items.

“His truck was stolen as he was stealing items,” police said. “He was booked for burglary.”

Kelley’s vehicle has still not been located, and police asked the public for assistance identifying the car thief.

From usatoday.com


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