Only two types of people go hustle to serve in government – Sola Kuti

What most of these wretched people who are kissing ass just so they can get an appointment in govt don’t realise is that it will only make them more wretched. You can’t survive on your salary and so you have to find ways to make money aka stealing.

I used to earn £600 a day in 2003 as a consultant in the UK. Went to Nija to work in NASS and my salary was around N37,000 (about $200 at the time maybe less) a month.

If not for my boss who was more than generous and provided me a place to live (in his house) and access to all sorts of.other perks, I would have starved to death or become a thief.

Most people.who had my job were wretched and had it really rough. At the time my son was in Avicena my daughters in Corona…so that was N1m school fees per term. Of course I could not afford it. N3m a year.

Most of these oga’s are also very wretched heartless people. They will give a PA who cant pay N90k rent in some dungeon and hwo has been begging for help, N900k to take to their mistress or some girl they want to shag or are shagging.

This is why hardly one person comes out of government sane or decent. They are like possessed demons who are forever trying to stay in the game long enough to get one contract from one minister or parastatal. They are just one favour away from making it.

The good news is that more than 90% of them die wretched. There is evidence to suggest this when you see former governors scampering to go to the senate or to become ministers. From oga to boy boy.

Ask yourself a question. If today you had N2bn (~$5m) in your account, will you want to be a minister or commissioner?

Govt work is a curse…you work long hours, your health and family suffer gravely and your life is a mess. I had a friend who did not see his wife and children more than 3 times a year and most of the time he was in the same town where they were with his boss. His wife had to take trips down to Abuja occasionally to even be able to sleep in a bed with him…forget sex. All for what?

There are only two types of people who will happily go into government in Nigeria.

1. Those that truly want to serve
2. Those that want to steal

I rise!

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