Lagos State of Fire – Victoria Ibezim Ohaeri

When the Lagos State government’s efforts to remove the traders at Tejuosho Market in Yaba failed, Nigerians woke up one morning to see the market up in flames. So many families have not recovered from the loss till date.

When every attempt to displace inhabitants of Okobaba Sawmill at Ebutte Metta failed, the wood loggers woke up one morning to see the entire logging settlement enveloped in thick flames. Fire started about 2.00a.m.

When official attempts to remove the traders at sawmill market in Mafoluku area of Oshodi failed, the traders woke up one morning to the sad news of a fire ravaging their shops and wares, destroying goods worth millions of Naira.

Ladipo traders fought state officials to a standstill, stalling efforts to relocate them from the Ladipo Auto Spares Market, Mushin, Lagos. As usual, the market went up in flames one morning at about 3.30 a.m.

The Lagos State government has initiated several failed attempts to relocate the traders at Kotangowa Market at Agbado area of Lagos. Just yesterday, the market was up in flames. Fire started 3.15 a.m.

In all the above cases, the pattern of destruction and displacement is uniform. We need no scientists to establish that these fires are not accidents. THEY ARE NOT ACCIDENTS.

One day, it shall be written with ink drenched in blood, that a certain state government routinely adopts the most infamous, the most brutal and the most inhuman techniques to advance its urban development goals, pushing its citizens deeper into poverty and want. The name of that government will be known as LAGOS!


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