Sowore Working with Foreign Elements to Overthrow Buhari, DSS Claims


The Department of State Services (DSS) has claimed that the arrested publisher of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore is working with foreign elements to bring down the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. 

The DSS in a press conference on Sunday by its Spokesman, Peter Afunanya confirmed that Sowore is in their custody said the department cannot fold it arms and watch Sowore and his cohorts plunge the nation into anarchy.

He said, “The DSS, as we are all aware, is charged primarily with the detection and prevention of crimes and threats against the internal security of Nigeria. And more importantly, the service is also charged with the responsibility of managing, curtailing, containing, eliminating threats against the national security of Nigeria.

“These threats include threats of sabotage, threats of subversion, threats of terrorism, and of course, threats of espionage, ethnic agitations, separatist agitations, economic sabotage, and all of that.

“Now, if we are operating as a responsible security organisation, and someone is calling for revolution in Nigeria. And, what is revolution? Primarily, it means a revolt, an insurrection, insurgency, forceful takeover of government. “And, this is a democracy. Nigeria operates a democratic system.

“Nigeria, we all are aware, is not a banana republic, and cannot suddenly be made one. Nigeria is respected in the comity of nations. Nigeria is not just the giant of Africa, but the pride of Africa. “So, the DSS will not just sit by and watch someone, or his groups of cohorts want to rise and threaten the peace, unity and constitutionalism of our beloved country.

“We are aware that he (Sowore) is also working with some persons outside Nigeria, to cause disaffection, to cause chaos, to cause anarchy in the country and we will not stand by and watch that happen.”

Reacting to whereabouts of Sowore, the spokesman said, “Whether Sowore is with the DSS or not, the answer is emphatic, it’s in the affirmative. Yes, he is with us. And, why is he with us (DSS)? He has crossed the lines, he has threatened public safety.

“Sowore has, as a matter of fact, threatened the peaceful coexistence, social harmony of Nigeria. And, there is apprehension, there is anxiety; citizens, residents are worried as to what will happen next.

“We want to reiterate that come tomorrow (to- day) and in fact beyond, that there won’t be anything like a revolution, and we will work with all stakeholders to ensure that peace is maintained in every corner of Nigeria

“We want to also reemphasise that the plot by some self-seeking individuals and groups to cause a breakdown of law and order, cause disaffection, disruption of social services, economic services, dislocate populations, make children stay away from schools, make markets not to open that will not be tolerated. “That will not be condoned. Will you have wondered if all these threats passed by and the DSS, for instance, did not utter a word? Could we have been alive to our responsibility?

The answer is No.”

He assured that: “There won’t be any revolution. The government has been elected democratically, will be in place. And, there will not be any forceful takeover of government. “And the DSS will not stand by and watch selfserving people take laws into their hands.

“We will do all that is within the law to discharge our responsibility, and ensure that there is peace in Nigeria beyond tomorrow. We are calling on all Nigerians, all stakeholders, all persons of goodwill and good conscience, to disregard the threat of revolution tomorrow (today) ever, and support the State, support Nigerians, and people should go about their normal businesses. 

“We want to use this opportunity to assure law abiding Nigerians, friends of Nigeria, citizens of Nigeria, and indeed, the world, that come tomorrow (today) 5th of August, 2019, there will be absolute peace in Nigeria; nothing will happen.

“We are here to support the unity, the survival and the wellbeing of our country, and we hope that discharging that responsibility is something everyone of us as a law abiding Nigerian must be part of. So, Sowore is with us, so that we can do the needful and you follow it up. And if there is any need to invite you (press) again, and let you know what we are doing, we won’t hesitate to do that. There is no doubt that Sowore has said by himself that come tomorrow (today), there won’t be Nigeria. That come tomorrow, security services and institutions of government will cease to exist.

“Every person is aware of his threat, and what we are reemphasising again is that we will act within the law.” 

On when Sowore will be arraigned in court, he said: “If there will be any need to make further clarifications to you, we will do that.” . 


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