CJN, Tanko’s Certificate Destroyed by Termites

A First School Leaving Certificate belonging to the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Tanko Muhammad was destroyed by termites. 

According to the documents Tanko submitted to the Judicial authorities, copies of which was obtained by SK Blog, an affidavit he deposed at the Court of Appeal in Jos, Plateau state on 5th November 1981, disclosed that the First School Leaving Certificate he was issued in 1968 by then Katagum/Jama’are Local Education Authority was destroyed by termites that invaded his home in Doguwa/Giade. He said he attended both Giade Junior and Secondary School from 1961 to 1968. 

Tanko registered and passed 5 subjects at the Senior School Certificate And Examination conducted by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) in 1973 at the Government Secondary Azare, Bauchi state. A result that qualified him to gain admission to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where he bagged a Bachelors degree in Islamic Law. The subjects were Islamic Knowledge, History, Chemistry, Arabic and Hausa language. 

Other certificates includes LLM and LLD he obtained from the same institution in 1985 and 1998 respectively. He was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1981 after passing the mandatory examination at the Nigerian Law School. He did his National Youth Service between 3rd August 1981 to 2nd August 1982.

Tanko last week came under fire for remarks he made at the Senate’s screening when he was asked by the Minority Leader, Enyinnaya Abaribe if the Supreme Court under his watch will focus on technicalities rather than on merit while adjudicating on cases. 

“Permit me distinguished senators to ask what a technicality is? It is something which is technical. By definition, it is something that is not usual and may sometimes defy all the norms known to a normal thing. Now, we have technicalities in our laws and this is because these laws we have inherited were from the British.

“The British people centuries ago introduced what is known as technicalities in their laws. Now, if something is technical, it is giving a leeway for double interpretation. It may be interpreted in one way by Mr A and another way by Mr B.

“Now, if something which is technical comes before the court, what we do in trial courts is to ask people who are experts in that field to come and testify. We rely on their testimony because they are experts in that field.

“Ask me anything about an aeroplane, I don’t know; ask me to drive an aeroplane (sic), I am sure if you are a passenger and they told you that the flight is going to be driven (sic) by Honourable Justice Ibrahim Tanko, I am sure you will get out of the plane because it is something that requires technicality and if I have any technicality, my technicality will only be limited to law. Therefore, it is something that has to do with the perception or the way you will be able to achieve the goals you want to achieve” he said.

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