Zamfara Sharia Court Writes Hospital, Requests For Size of Defendant’s Genitals

A letter from a Sharia High Court sitting in Gusau,the capital of Zamfara state to the Medical Director of the Federal Medical Centre, Gusau requesting the hospital to conduct a medical examination following allegations that the size of the genitals of a defendant had caused unbearable pains to his wife during sexual intercourse was yesterday posted online. 

The letter titled, “Request of Investigation” dated 18th June, 2019 marked HSC/NW/MK/GUS/CV/52/2019 and signed on behalf of the Registrar by an official whose name was covered apparently to protect his identity, said he was directed by the trial Judge to write the Medical Director to provide the court with a medical report of the unnamed defendant who was accused by the plaintiff, his wife, of having “too large” genitals. The letter said the wife filed for divorce as a result of the size of the husband’s genitals, a matter that was before the Judge and the report is necessary to help the court determine the allegations. 

See letter


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