Happy Birthday (posthumously) mum.


My mum would have turned 80 today. But 10 plus years ago she passed on. Her wish was to live till at least 70. But sadly she passed on at 69.

Her sisters till this day called her Margaret Thatcher cos she was brutally frank (now you see where I get it from). She was very determined and very honest (to a fault). She was a bridge builder and brought the family both nuclear and extended closer. She was tough and really no nonsense yet one of the kindest people I have ever come across in my life.

My mum was unusual. She was a sounding board for truth. Her favourite saying was “a good name is better than silver and gold.

A few weeks ago I had to do a security clearance and it came out clean. No arrest, no convictions, no cautions. We can only thank God for the tough love and endless caution.

10 plus years gone and I still managed to shed a tear this morning. It is well.

This is my favourite picture of her. It took me 10 years to get a degree (no be today Nigeria spoil. Back then we had one year strikes sef and plenty parties so to read was hard 😂) and I did it in style too as a dad and mature student. Yes it is Jide and my nephew Lore way back 🥰.

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