A swimming pool is as dangerous as a loaded gun.


I have this sudden urge to pass on this message. I booed it’s not too late as I started typing around 10am but got busy with other activities.

It is about swimming pools.

I actually wrote about it when D Banj lost his son but some people said it was insensitive bladdy blah. So I pulled the post down.

It feels as if someone on my friends list either just moved to a house with a pool or is about to…because it kept coming to my mind all morning. Maybe it’s really as simple as someone planning to go swimming or organisation using a pool party.

A swimming pool is as bad as a loaded gun. Even if you CAN swim. It only takes a muscle pool or a reckless swimmer to end up drowned.

That is why it is a statutory requirement for all public pools to have a life guard in most countries where they have sense. It is actually so bad that even beaches have life guards.

So if you have a pool at home and have children (even if they can swim), always make sure there is an adult supervising the activity.

If you have guests over whether adult or children, make sure your pool area is secure and they don’t go there without an adult swimmer present.

Two people drowned because they slipped and fell into the pool. One could not swim. One could. The one that could slipped on the surface, bumped his head and was unconscious so he drowned to.

Another story is of a really good swimmer who dived and hit his head. He too drowned.

Another one is of someone who was a really good swimmer and while he was in the deep end he had a muscle pull. He drowned trying to swim back to safety.

Another drowned trying to rescue a drowning friend who ended up panicking and drowning his rescuer as well as himself.

Don’t know if you recall the story of the young man who had rescued so many people in a boat mishap and still ended up drowning while attempting a rescue.

Whatever you do…pls ensure that your safety levels are at the highest. Do what yoruba people call Aseju and English people call Overkill

There is no hard or fast rule. It is just not enough to be able to swim. Safety must come first and always.

I have been swimming since I was around 10 years old, but I have had many mishaps in the pool.

There are times when I can swim 50 metres. There are other times when at 30 metres I’m unable to go further. So most times i have to stop. Luckily I can float on my back or do the dog paddle. Imagine if I could not and stopped at 20 ft 20 metres from the wall. I would simply drown.

So pls whatever you all do this weekend enjoy it and stay alive.

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