Dear ‘Successful’ Person. Stop flaunting


Dear ‘successful’ person:

The world does not really give a shit about your material Wealth. We don’t care about your cars, your expensive clothes and your mansion. We don’t even care that you have a jet. Yes we like to look at them but usually just in envy and aspiration.

There are some people that never remember you unless they need something. Once you start seeing them greeting you everyday and night you know that they are about to ask for you to do something.

I am not talking about poor people. I am talking about rich people.

Rich people are the worst beggars. That is why they are on social media showing of their material items. They are begging for attention. What poor people don’t know is that you validate them and make them more authentic with your likes, loves and comments.

I used to drive many fancy cars back in the day in London and I was slightly embarrassed by the attention I got. I once drive a Leftie S320 Merc while it was not yet released for sale in the UK and everytime I went to buy petrol or drove into a parking lot, people would beg me to look inside. I am talking about wealthy oyinbo people ooo. I used to hate the attention. In fact if a place was crowded I would not stop there.

No be Ferrari or Lamborghini ooo. Ordinary Mercedes. Many of those people could probably buy me ten times over. So you see they were not famzing but merely admiring something they were seeing physically for the first time.

But you see many rich people are not like that. In all honesty they never had a good personality or attitude so people never gravitate towards them. So when they have now made money they are forever looking for people who will come and validate their existence and are forever looking for people who will escort them to go out and spend money to oppress more people…People they don’t even know.

Some only remember you when they have bought a new house or car…That is when they will call and ask if you are around and if they can come and pick you for some function or if you will visit them to hangout.

With these type of people you don’t get shit from them…They just oppress you by dropping numbers and showing off their lifestyle to you.

They don’t mind buying you the odd drink or food and paying your bills, they will however never ever give you enough to solve your problems. They will never open their mouth and ask the very great question: What can I do to help you succeed? Never

Like Jay Z says in his song…If you’re rich but everyone around you is broke…You’re broke too.

In Nigeria, a guilty rich man has many defenders while an innocent poor man has many accusers.

There are so many people that I can’t ordinarily bring myself to tolerate. Despicable human beings who are rich only because they trampled on poor people to acquire Wealth.

You see the real pain is that many of the poor people who they trampled on did not know at the time. When they eventually found out you would expect them to break away but they can never do so. They forgive those who have eaten their destiny and prevented them from succeeding and continue as usual.

They enjoy taking photos with them so that their own friends and followers can say they too have arrived.

But the mad thing is that when they are hungry, they won’t go and meet those their gods ooo…They will be asking their same poor friends who they have used pictures to oppress.

I have many many many wealthy people I know…Many who I knew when they had nothing…There are very few of them I will ever call my friend. Some excel in ways that are unimaginable…they don’t only care about their friends genuinely they make a special effort to help friends of friends.

But my wealthy friends will tell you that na the same eye wey I dey take look them when dem dey come collect garri for my house for unilag or chop rice and dodo I dey take see them today. It pains some of them but it is what it is. 😂

Rich selfish people are the loneliest people in the world. They have all the money but need to buy friends to come around with offers of freebies. That is why you see many rich people surrounded by perennial losers. They are like recurring decimals. 🤗

Now why am I writing all this, because it is important for many of us to realise that friendship is a two way street. A rich man is not your slave, he is not your father or mother or bank…He is a friend. Do not turn him into an ATM.

Dear rich man…Your poorer friends are not escorts or bodyguards that you pay to come around to make you look good.

Friends and Family members have a duty to help each other emotionally and physically when the need arises.

Stop famzing all these useless rich people. If they can’t help people let them be alone spending alone, eating alone and dying alone.

There are billionaires I am close to who never gave me money to assist me in times of trouble or just for fun but they gave me access, they gave me ability to do things I could not do myself. They developed my mind, they gave me confidence. I am even more grateful to them than to those who gave me money.

And finally when people don’t help you and you have to find other ways to make it…Do not despise them. Just know that the fact that you were able to make it work without them is the real lesson you were meant to takeaway from the whole experience.

Let us keep going people. The same people who mocked you will still follow the world to hail you for being such a good person.

Abi which funeral you don go wey dem describe person as rich!



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