NDI, IRI Faults 2019 Elections 

The Joint Nigeria International Election Observation Mission of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the International Republican Institute (IRI) on Tuesday released its final report on the 2019 Nigerian elections. 

The final report of the elections which was presented in Abuja by IRI Africa Regional Deputy Director, Elizabeth Lewis, and the Senior Associate and Regional Director for Central and West Africa, NDI, Dr Christopher Fomunyoh faulted the 2019 elections. 

IRI President, Daniel Twining, said, “The 2019 general elections fell significantly short of the standard set in 2015. Citizens’ confidence in elections was shaken. Election stakeholders should take concrete steps to address the concerns of citizens regarding the polls in order to rekindle their faith in the power and possibility of credible elections.”

The report said vote-buying, delay in distributing electoral materials and violations of the secrecy of the ballot characterized the exercise.

The report read in part, “Notably, observers reported many instances of party agents overstepping their responsibilities, often directing operations in the polling unit and in a few cases ‘assisting’ voters to cast their ballots.

“While observers noted few cases of overt vote-buying, they reported that less visible forms of voter coercion such as the distribution of gift items may have tainted the process.”

The report also faulted the political parties for their nomination process which gave rise to about 800 court cases. 

Moving forward, the report said, “INEC should update its data management and communications process to ensure that information about the election process and results are shared with the public promptly and transparently; INEC should establish clear procedures for the transmission of results from the polling unit directly to its headquarters in Abuja or the state INEC office.”

Download full report here


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