Dear PDP, Elections are scientific not sentimental by Sola Kuti

This new Oyo speaker actually came up in my discussion with my dad yesterday when he came over to ours.

I honestly did not know he will become speaker…In fact I had forgotten they would select speakers today. But dad had just yabbed them Sowore and Moghalu and co. He said they really pissed him off. He wondered how people so smart could be so stupid….how can you run for presidency when there are so many low hanging fruit aspirations that are achievable.

My Dad believes Nigerian politics is simple..Enter one of the two parties and aspire from bottom up. Pay your dues. Work your way up. Earn your stars and stripes, build experience and capacity, build followership, build a political and funding network.

Eventually it will pay off.

Example he gave Ifeanyi Ubah…He was shocked he could win in Anambra of all places. I said dude has money and name recognition from running for governor. He is richer than Obiano was when he became governor but still could not win that election.

I also explained the gift he was given by Andy and Chris Una running against each other.

Now the point is this…If Ifeanyi Ubah runs for governor in YPP..He can never win…His only hope is to run in PDP.

I also told dad about Onofiok Luke who has already been member of HOA and speaker of AKSA and has now gone to house of reps.

Some people recently started saying BOG should be begged to come back to PDP…I was so angry…Begged to come back with his 4,000 votes abi? When 35 year old Gbadebo P Rhodes-Vivour got more votes than even Jimi Agbaje. He got over 230,000 votes and ran in 10 LGA’s. Your BOG got 4,000 votes and ran in 20 LGA’s. You people don’t even understand simple mathematics.

BOG cannot even win a HOA seat with 4,000 votes. So please let’s stop playing.

I am someone who unfortunately says it like it is. BOG can only be governor in the estate he built ooo. He has no political might…If only he had stayed in the house of reps Zone or Senate. Perhaps he could have challenged more healthily. But no..They would rather waste 20 years fighting for nonsense. That is why I believe sometimes that many of them work for Tinubu. They just come to get ticket so they can make sure that they don’t win.

So what I am saying in essence is that if you do not get the cut off mark for a university in JAMB, you are not getting in for the course.

Stop pampering these political jokers. Let them bring their report card before being considered for any position.

When I told people we worked hard to help ensure victory in Lagos state in 2015, they rubbished my claims…Look at the report card in 2019…Zero…Nada

We do not even have one single house of assembly member. Out of 40.

The political process is SCIENTIFIC. It is not sentimental.

People must begin to sit down and map out paths to victory. This must form the basis of selection of candidates right from our ward and LGA excos to State excos and must extend to our candidates at ALL LEVELS.

Makinde is however an exception to this rule. I honestly don’t know how he did it but it is worth finding out. I have to note that he has consistently achieved a level of success in elections. Even when he went to SDP he did not have 4,000 votes.

He had contested for Senate twice. In 2007 he ran in ANPP and lost the election. In 2011 he aspired in PDP and was denied the ticket by the incumbent.

In 2015, he aspired for governor in PDP and lost the ticket to Teslim Folarin. He defected to SDP and ran for governor on that platform.

He came 5th with 54,000 votes. 50,000 more than Almighty BOG. Just 20,000 behind Teslim Folarin of the PDP. In that election, he contested against Ajimobi, Akala, Ladoja and Folarin…It was effectively a three way horse race and he still managed 54,000 votes.

In 2019, he teamed up with Ladoja who came second in the 2015 election while Folarin, Akala and Ajimobi teamed up and he was still able to defeat them with a big margin.

Apart from all those people who scamper to ‘eat’ candidates money, do we have proper election analysts who sit down to study trends and are able to use data to predict outcomes?

I wonder.

PDP is deaf to good advice. The committee reports from 2016 have been forgotten and I know they would have helped a lot if they had been implemented.

PDP can’t continue to win elections by chance. It must be deliberate and very well executed.

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