Okorocha Slams Ihedioha 

Immediate past governor of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha has accused his successor in office, Emeka Ihedioha of behaving like a lawmaker performing oversight functions rather than governing the state. 
Okorocha in a statement issued on Sunday by his Special Adviser, Mr. Sam Onwuemedo said Ihedioha has not taken serious steps towards governance in the state since he assumed office. 
The statement reads

“It is important to State and indeed inform the general public that the new Governor of Imo State Chief Emeka Ihedioha has not begun to govern the State as its Chief Executive, looking at his activities and utterances so far, but embarking on oversight functions as if he is still at the National Assembly where he was, uninterruptedly for 12years.
“He has also been busy setting up series of Committees with at least three Committees a day, and has never done any serious thing or taken any serious step or said any serious thing to show that he has actually taken the seat as the governor of the State. And he also seems not to have cared about asking questions.
“In the course of doing over-sight functions even as governor, he would go to one bad dredging site which he won’t mention where it is, he would send out the photograph just to blackmail his predecessor or he would send out the photograph of one bad toilet they got from somewhere and said it was in the Government House. So petty and unserious all these days.
“The former governor left more than one thousand verifiable projects behind for him. He has never cared to visit any of the projects to show that he has come to work and that he means well.
“If he could be showing the world one bad toilet we knew they got for Owerri Office of the PDP when landmark projects are located at various parts of the State waiting for him to come and see them, and know what to do with them, then he hasn’t come for service.
“The International Cargo Airport is ready and was commissioned by the Vice-President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo. Let him visit the place and tell the world what he has seen, and then open it for operations so that the purpose for building such a landmark project can be achieved.


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