Yesterday, John Mayaki wrote an article titled: Obaseki family pays solidarity visit to embattled APC secretary Lawrence Okah. This is totally false and a figment of John Mayaki’s own imagination, orchestrated by his constant hallucinations about Governor Obaseki and his administration.

In his article, which was laced with outright lies, he alluded that Madam Queen Obaseki the matriarch of the Obaseki family had led the solidarity visit. Madam Queen Obaseki has since come out openly to debunk the story.

The fact that John Mayaki the puppet and his puppet master Adam’s Oshiomohle have resorted to cheap lies, is a testament to their utter desperation and frustration.

Only yesterday, John Mayaki ignorantly accused Governor Obaseki of closing down the central hospital, this accusation is laughable, John Mayaki thinks Edo people are shortsighted.

He thinks Edo people have forgotten how ex Gov. Oshiohmole deceived President Buhari to commission a fraudulent and uncompleted Specialist Hospital extension shortly before the Governor left office.

Edo people and Nigerians of good conscience are asking for full accountability and transparency over the multi billion naira project that Oshiomohle awarded to a girlfriend from the catering business to execute.

The fact that Governor Obaseki has continued to ignore the meaningless buzz from the wingless mosquito is not helping his cause, John Mayaki and his puppet master have slipped into a state of melancholia.

I will remind the puppet and the puppeteer, that you can tell a lie a million times it will not turn into the truth.

A word is enough for the wise.


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