The people, not the politicians are responsible for the mess in Nigeria – Sola Kuti

Everytime I think about Nigeria’s problems, I push myself to think of solutions to those problems.

What occurred to me today is that none of my solutions have revolved around our so called leaders. None of them involve our so called leaders.

I can’t help but laugh at the majority of us who feel as if everytime someone contests for office that we are doing politicians a favour.

Many of us feel like this candidate needs me so I must make him sweat and suffer. Some will even see it as an opportunity to milk the candidate because as they say: once he gets there we won’t see him again.

What many of us don’t realise is that most candidates are actually more or less insulated from Nigeria’s problems.

If someone can spend N1m -N100m on an election that he knows he can never win…He can surely fend for himself and his family.

Or do you actually believe that those candidates in unknown parties who swore that they would be president actually believed they could win?

They knew they stood no chance but the only way to keep people donating money and following them around stupidly was to keep pretending they were running for office because they were going to win.

Let me ask you if you have seen any of them begging for money in traffic after the elections?

Most of them have gone back to chasing after one deal or another and living their golden life.

Since the election, Buhari has been to London for 10 days, Atiku in Dubai, most governors elect have been doing some travelling too.

Even the losers have been busy either contesting the results of the elections at various tribunals or they have been busy embracing the winner in the desire for a soft landing or compensation.

Now where does this leave ordinary Nigerians?

It leaves them in between a rock and a hard place.

Some people have asked me…What is Atiku doing in Dubai. Should he not be here fighting for his mandate?

I laugh at people with this dangerous mindset.

It is their mandate that Atiku is fighting for. The one they freely gave him on the 26th of February 2019.

He is currently investing billions by hiring more than 20 lawyers to represent him in court. This is aside from Millions of dollars expended on the campaign and elections.

One thing I always tell people is that if Atiku loses at the tribunal, he will go on living a life you and I can only dream of. It is us the people who will suffer from Buharinomics.

We have already seen the increase in insecurity and poverty across the country and Buhari’s response. We are in for long drawn out suffering if we do not wake up and realise that our destiny is in our hands.

We must understand a few things…And rather urgently too

1. Good or Bad governance affects the people not the leaders. See how poor Zimbabwe was and is. Do you think the politicians like Mugabe are suffering? Same with Sudan. You can see what Omar Bashir had stashed away in cash in his homes.

2. We need to learn to stand up and fight for what is right. It does not even matter who the victims or perpetrators are…Right should always be right and wrong should always be wrong.

We can see the ongoing negotiation in Sudan with the military. People power is fully at play. This is something that is missing in Nigeria. Even after toppling the government the people are holding the military to task by insisting that they would form the larger part of the govt.

You may think you have it figured out and that you and yours will be okay..You will send your children abroad to school and as parents you will remain here dancing with the devil…

Well I have bad news for you.

Nigeria as currently setup can only consume us all if we don’t begin to challenge this increasing impunity that is plaguing the country.

No one is saying anyone should support one politician against another. But surely we can all speak against what is bad for us in one voice?

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