Blast from the past: January 2015. Journalist, Kambili Osadolor-Ehima went on a fact finding mission to see if trains were really back in use in Lagos.

18th January 2015: So I’m already inside the train heading to Ikeja this morning. My programme was invited on a fact finding mission to prove that the trains are back.Are the Trains back ? Are they refurbished trains?.It’s my first ride this morning and it’s brand new! Airconditioned etc. My crew and I will disembark at ikeja and wait for the next train.
I have just boarded the train at ikeja station. This particular train came from Ijoko heading to Apapa. My crew and I will will disembark at Ebute meta Station.

Going somewhere within Lagos??

Lagos District

Lagos District is one of the 7 Districts of the Nigerian Railway Corporation. It has its District Headquarter at Ebute Metta Junction (Alagomeji Bus Stop).

The District covers a distance of 43km on the mainline (Iddo – Ifo Junction), 87km on (Iddo – Idogo) and 48km on (Apapa – Ifo Junction). The District which covers Lagos state and southern part of Ogun state, has a total of 15 stations on the main line and 10 stations on the branch lines.

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