Nigeria: Another Pension Scam Loading?


Good morning Nigerians. I bring you greetings on labour day. Also to point out that pensioners verification is currently ongoing in Nigeria.

First of all. What is Pension Transition Arrangement Directorate PTAD?

This makes no sense at all because most pensioners I know have been manually and biometrically verified. There is also a system of confirming they are still alive every three months.They all have BVN so identify can be confirmed by bank.

When I looked at the advert I had to laugh. They want them to come with:

1. Letter of first appointment.
2. Letter of last promotion
3. Approved Letter of Retirement
4. Letter of confirmation of appointment
5. Last pay slip

Reminds me about the joke about getting credit at a buka. Only if you can bring your great great grandmother to stand as surety. Smh

Let me use my dad as an example. He joined unilag nearly 50 years ago and retired 20 years ago. How on earth can anyone expect him to have any of these things.

This one Maina has been cleared I hope they are not about to start chopping pension money again.

Obviously you know what will happen with this scam. A lot of pension payments will be frozen pending when the people can regularise the documents and it leaves room for stealing.

If they do not want to pay pension again they should just say that.

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