There is no God!!! SK’s Word on Sunday #280419


There is no God…..

But a husband and wife will lay together. They will have sex…The man will enjoy it so much some stuff that looks like super glue will be ejected from his body into hers.

A few weeks later she will tell him: Honey, I missed my period. Then he will take her for a checkup and the doctor will announce: Sir your wife is pregnant.

A few weeks later she will visit the doctor again he will scan her belly and show her a picture or a tiny growth in her stomach.

A few weeks later her stomach will start to bulge. She will start to feel movements within her.

Around 9 months later, she will see water drops around her legs like she peed. She will announce: My water has broken.

Husband will rush her to the hospital, she will eject a live human being from her womb.

That human being will grow to become just like you and I.

If there is no God, how do we then explain this most amazing occurrence.

One of our worst habits as Christians is challenging God when things go wrong. When loved ones die we say things like: If God is real, why did he allow this to happen to me?

But we never say if God isn’t real, why and how am I breathing? How am I walking, how can I communicate, how are people able to invent stuff like cars and planes but not make man live forever.

There is this prayer that I often hear in yoruba. It goes: Dear God do not let people mock me and ask me where is my God!

If there is no God…Then there is no world.

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