The Nigerian Dream: How Kabo Air and Aero Contractors turned an Aircraft Cleaner into a Aircraft Pilot.

The amazing story of Captain Mohammed Abubakar’s journey from aircraft cleaner to airline captain goes like this:

Mohammed applied to Kaduna polytechnic after finishing secondary school and was unable to gain admission as his application was late. He then decided to look for work to keep body and soul together.

He got a casual job as an aircraft cleaner with Kabo Air in Kaduna. This was during the busy Hajj operations and he got paid N200 a day (N4,000-N6,000 a month).

Kabo Air later employed him as ground staff. He worked through most units gaining experience and was later employed as a cabin crew earning N17,000 a month.

From Kabo he moved to Aero as a flight attendant and started earning N170,000 a month. When he received his first pay check at Aero, he said he was convinced there was an error. He was however quite forward thinking and invested wisely. With the support of the MD/DMD of Aero who had become quite impressed by his knowledge, ability and commitment, he was able to sponsor himself to get a private pilot’s licence in Canada.

When he returned he then went to the DMD of Aero who agreed to sponsor him to go back to Canada to get a commercial pilots licence.

After 8 amazing years with Aero, he joined Azman and has been there for just under 3 years.

Mohammed did not achieve this feat overnight. He started from the bottom and worked his way up. Throughout his working life, he demonstrated that he was hungry for success and was ready to discipline and sacrifice to achieve his goal. He was also patient and he persevered. It took him 24 years to achieve this dream.

He is most certainly a worthy ambassador to all young Nigerians and deserving of all the encomiums and honour.


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