SK’s Word on Sunday #1403219

Left: Pastor Washing his feet on congregation. Right: Pope Kissing Feet of Muslim refugees

I have followed in total amusement the commentary about the Pope kissing the feet of southern Sundanese leaders.

It is extremely difficult for many Nigerians to understand humility.

The only time they are humble is when they are broke or in need. That is what they assume humility is.

They think Dangote driving himself is Humility…Because they have never bothered to compare him to people far wealthier than him. Take Bill Gates as an example.

Take Warren Buffet for instance. He is worth over $95bn and lives in the same house he bought for just over $30k in 1958. His most expensive car is under $50k.

Now back to the Pope.

We are a people used to idolising ungodly oppressors such as pastors who take our donations and purchase luxury items like mansions, jets and cars.

We call our pastor Daddy and Mummy. We reject their criticism from any quarters. They are untouchable.

We refuse to question how a pastor without a Job is able to live like a king. We do not demand accountability for church funds, we give tithes but don’t care if it ends up being used by our pastor to give his wives and girlfriends a treat.

If our pastor has an affair, we attack the women and call them Jezebel…We exonerate the pastor instantly.

We are talking about people who would watch a pastor set a woman on fire because he claims she is a witch…Or wash his feet on top of their head for blessing.

We are expecting a people whose pastors turn their churches into an auction house for blessings and who see nothing wrong.

So tell me how can a people with this mindset appreciate a man so highly placed like the Pope kissing the feet of a Sudanese man or woman.

The Pope is the highest person in the Catholic Church.

To see him in these pictures makes me think only one thing. If the Pope can bring himself to do this, who am I to look down at anybody.

It is a symbol of ashes to ashes, dust to dust. It speaks volumes to leaders who enjoy being worshipped. It tells us all to humble ourselves and to show others love at all times. It reminds me that I am nothing.

The Pope has set a new standard for world leaders across all sectors. It would do the world a lot of good if they emulated him.


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