Celebrate achievements and not appointments

I find it a bit strange when people get appointments and throw a party to celebrate. I have attended a few..I can’t even lie. But I have never quite understood the idea behind celebrating a job that you have not started.

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s I recall that people had retirement parties. A congregation of well wishers, colleagues, friends and family who would come to celebrate you leaving an organisation after successfully spending at least two or three decades in various roles.

After service.

So I then wonder how one can celebrate a role that they have not begun.

Yes I know you will say it is Thanksgiving. But I think it is rather premature.

We need to begin to see a promotion or appointment as a responsibility more than an elevation.

I recall visiting a much older senior family friend who had gotten promoted and saw her reading a book titled: how to deal with an unexpected promotion. Or something like that.

This was quite a sight. I was impressed.

It was obvious that the most important thing to her was succeeding in this new role and succeed she did…Breaking records and bringing a much needed discipline and drive to a failing organisation.

Another older associate was reading a book that prepared him for a rumoured appointment…Which he never got. But guess what…He us ready if it happens today.

Another time he was reading a book on how to run elections before election season.

I dont know about you, but I get a certain level of anxiety when I am appointed to do a job. I am nervous and worried about failing especially when I have been highly recommended or have made commitments.

I begin to plan weeks ahead and when eventually it is officially announced, I am able to hit the ground running.

The job is only worthy of a celebration when the task is completed…And excellently too.


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