SK’s Word on Sunday #31319

In Nigeria many people tolerate rich, arrogant, wicked people because our society worships money. Even the people that don’t help them they will be sucking up to.

Money is usually the measurement of good vs bad. Once a person has a nice house, cars and knows the right people, or has political power, even if they kill, people will defend them.

You may have many wealthy friends…be the most resourceful and creative person alive and still never make it in life.

Many of those wealthy friends will only donate to your funeral but they will NEVER help you survive…

The sweetest part is that they too, like me and you, will die and take nothing with them…Worst still their assets built over decades of labour will still come to waste.

Nigeria needs a new MKO…Abiola truly understood Wealth. This was a man who gave as if it hurt to hold on to money.

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