Nigeria Immigration Service invites, detains Dokpesi days after arresting him at the airport


So immigration officials at Abuja airport detained High Chief Dokpesi after he returned from a medical trip in Dubai a few days ago.

The court has possession of his travel documents and as such he has to apply to the court each time he needs to travel.

After detaining him for an hour on arrival he was invited to the immigration office today and interrogated.

The immigration service say he should surrender his passport. He said it is in custody of the court and they should go and collect from the court. They said no he should have brought it with him to give them. He said I can’t because the condition for my bail is that the court has custody of my travel documents. So it is not negotiable. I must submit it as soon as I get back into Nigeria.

They detained him for two hours backing and forting like morons.

See this Nigeria has to be dissolved. Let all the morons gather themselves and stay together. We can’t continue to be part of this sick joke.

How does one hear these things and not wonder if goats and sheep would run our institutions better.

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