Lady who recorded and shared video of the school girl in Sapele represents everything that’s wrong with Nigeria.

That Stephanie Idolor lady who videoed the little school girl, Success, in Sapele is exactly everything that is wrong with Nigeria.

You made a video of the little girl and posted it…She became a celebrity and has now received funds in millions.

You now decide you should rant that the parents did not see you as fit for ‘gratitude’.

It did not occur to you that you by helping that girl and her parents, you have already received your own gift and blessings.

That you were able to change a little girl and her family’s fortunes overnight without planning it. I doubt you ever imagined this outcome.

You forget that it is not you who made her a star but the millions of social media users who kept sharing her story online.

You have now received 500k I hear and maybe you are happy.

What if they all said they wanted a share of your 500k too as thank you. How much would you have left.

I just hope that you have not exchanged a bigger gift for that 500k.

I really hope so…

The 500k will finish soon.

Spend it wisely


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