A group of desperate, unpopular, mischievous and selfish politicians have argued on radio, TV and other media platforms over the last one week that they won the Rivers State Governorship elections in over 15 Local Governments of the State. They contend that they must be declared winners on that basis. However, they have only been able to list seven (7) Local Governments namely: 1. Ahoada West 2. Asari Toru. 3. Akuku-Toru 4. Oyigbo 5. Eleme 6. Ikwerre 7. Khana out of the 15 LGAs they claim to have won. They have woefully failed to name the remaining eight only God knows why.

Of the seven local governments they have mentioned, the Electoral Officers in Oyigbo and Khana have come out to say that the electoral process was disrupted there and that it was not concluded. The Oyigbo INEC official even stated that he was asked to announce results under duress. In Ikwerre Local Government whilst unknown INEC Officers were announcing results in favour of this unpopular and unknown party, the Returning officers authorized by law to announce results were announcing results in PDP’s favour relying on the units of the elections. We also saw pictures and videos of soldiers carting away ballot boxes in Akuku-Toru Local Government while in Eleme the Soldiers snatched ballot boxes and took formation to shoot at voters who challenged their criminal authority.

The saddest though is still Khana Local Government Collation incident as streamed live on Social Media by my brother Ledogo Raymond. In that video we saw the shooting of our brothers including the now demised Dr. Ferry Gberegbe by an officers of the Special Anti Robbery squad under the leadership of Akin Fakorede, an Assistant Commissioner of Police now notoriously known for his negative involvement in elections regarding Rivers State.

The INEC in their recent statement on where we stand has confirmed especially the involvement of soldiers (The Nigerian Army) in disrupting the collation of the elections as well as intimidating and unlawfully arresting INEC officials and administrative staff.

In essence the seven local governments which the unpopular serpentine seeds of discord said they won are in major dispute and jeopardy.

Thankfully, many peace loving and good Rivers people experienced the announcement of Governorship and State House of Assembly Constituency results in Port Harcourt, Obio-Akpor, Ikwerre, Emouha, Etche, Omuma, Ogu-Bolo, Okrika, Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni,Tai, Bonny, Andoni, Opobo and others. We heard the results. We saw that the PDP won the state assembly constituency seats and the Governorship results were also announced. Where then did the acclaimed 15 Local Governments come from for the sons of perdition?

Rivers people should please ignore those unpopular seeds of discord and exercise patience as INEC does its job, with the hope that it would do it well given our patience and civil disposition so far. The INEC has already stated that it is in receipt of authentic unit results collation from 17 Local Governments out of the 23 and it will get back to us on 20th of March 2019 with further and better particulars.

The electoral umpire has also stated that the so far 21 constituencies announced at the Local Government Areas stand and the winning contestants have been returned. We know that the unpopular elements won none of these seats or don’t we?

Therefore, let us chill, the victory for Rivers people will be sweet as Gov. Wike has said. Although it goes without saying we cannot truly enjoy it without bringing to book all those who in many ways than one contributed to the sad and regrettable experience called an election. If we fail in that then we have won nothing.


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